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  1. Open this board to a full site, home page and all. You certainly have enough contributors. Then sell some ad space to fund it.

    I'd love to see some monthy articles from some of the techys or men/women in uniform, range trips, comparison shoots, gatherings of members..ect
  2. Thanks for the suggestion man!

    Ive always had a vision for this place that included those exact things you suggested. At this point its a matter of effort. Im very slow at putting stuff together. But in the future you can expect the site to start expanding.

    Thanks again!

  3. I would love to get together for a HPFF shoot!!!!!! Make it a weekend camp out have some great fun at the range. Possibly get some instruction from other members.

    If it was within 4 or 5 hour drive. I am going for my NRA Instructor. I would give myself to teach some classes for the spouces or members for that weekend.

    Just have big pot luck stuff like that???? That could be alot of fun!

    By the way Ft. Smith Arkansas suprised me I figured it would be as down home as it get but it was pretty cool (ok well hot lol) July and all.
  4. Once I get home I am also going to be taking the NRA Basic Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun instructors course, so that is also something I will be willing to volunteer to do. My goal is to get into teaching CCW classes so I can make some extra cheese on the weekends... That would be pretty cool if you ask me.

    A HPFF shoot would be great as well. Hell, Stryker and I go shooting when he's at Bliss. Taurus and I were range junkies from the day we met each other, and I have also been shooting with Fox, NDS and Elguapo... Let me know when and where and I'm there as long as it's not too far away and I have available leave.
  5. As my Brit friends would say "Oh bloody 'ell." You might think that's a good idea until you actually see the end results.

    One of my fav motorcycle boards -www.ducati.ms- was recently bought by a large media firm who brought in all these advertisers and now wants $40 a year to turn the pop-up ads off. The membership has gone ballistic and are dropping like flys.

    And small vendors like myself who was sponsoring the site for $120 a year, is now being asked to pony-up $1800 a year. Bollocks!
  6. Some of the forums I have been on You CAN give a donation. The onthing that gets you is alittle thing under your avatar that says supporting member. They have different levels but noone is required to give. That might help with some of the costs.
  7. www.missouricarry.org has a donations system set up. Might want to check it out. And if you ever do make a page, I'd be more than happy to contribute Fire/EMS/First Response articles :).
  8. Wow that would be awsome. Then I'd have even less time for things non-forum!