Exposed barrel length question

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  1. Quick carbine question, what is the exposed barrel length on a:

    995 with an ATI stock

    4095 with a original stock

  2. 4095 from the stock 1 9/16, Infront of the front site 11/16

  3. heydave

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    My 995 with an ATI measures about 5 and 1/16.
  4. Thanks, heydave.... thats all I need.
  5. c'mon now you have to tell us what those gears are grinding on now bud.
  6. Nothing really exiting... just want to make sure the mega shroud fits all carbine and stock combinations... as of now, it does not... since the ATI leaves so much of the barrel exposed.
  7. Sig Man

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    Hey Bushman, I have the ATI laser in my stock and it looks like a barrel shroud would be in the way of the laser beam. Is there any way to groove the entire length of the bottom of the shroud from tip to end so it would work with the ATI laser too??? I'd be glad to try it out for you... :wink: .

    Sig Man
  8. Can you give me a measuramet from bottom of the barrel to centerline of the laser emmiter?
  9. If you are really bored, you could look at fabricating an M4 front sight post with a birdcage.
  10. Sig Man

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    It measures 1 cm exactly. but the laser points ever so slighly up. Even if it's not a full barrel shroud, a flash supressor for the tip of the barrel would work too.
  11. Well, the faux-pressor is 1.25 in diameter...if your measuramets are accurate and the center of the laser is .39" from the bottom of the barrel, then that give use a diametrical clearance of 1.395... bigger than the shroud by .145".

    Not much radially (.073")... but should work out.

    To make sure what the minimum distance is, turn on the laser, and put a ruler resting on the bottom of the barrel at the tip and read where the dot hits. Repeat somewhere very near the laser.... that way there is no question on clearance of the beam.
  12. Sig Man

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    5/16th's mark is where the laser hits, so a 1/4 inch should do it.
  13. Well damn... sounds like there may have to be a grove on it.
  14. What about a simple slant brake like whats found on an AK?