Extar EP9 Review
by Hughewil

The Extar EP9 is a 9mm sub gun style pistol.


  • Weight 4.1 pounds
  • 6.5 inch barrel
  • Overall length 22.5"
  • Threaded muzzle
  • Last round hold open
  • Glock magazine compatible


While the EP9 is not an actual AR9 design it is modeled after one. The lower will take a milspec AR trigger group and it uses a AR pistol tube with a spring and buffer.

The entire weapon is made of polymer including the lower and factory trigger. It has a non-reciprocating side charging handle and utilizes a blow back design. It also has a full length top picatinny rail and a picatinny rail along the bottom of the handguard.

It ships with a SB tactical SOB pistol brace and a 15 round Glock magazine. Both the SGM aftermarket Glock magazines and factory Glock magazines function properly, however the cheaper KCI 33 round magazines are slightly wider and are harder to insert and have to physically be pulled out of the magwell as they do not fall out freely.


Even though it is very light the EP9 does not produce a lot of felt recoil. The blowback design, buffer spring, and overall length make this a very soft shooting pistol whether holding it like a traditional pistol, shooting one handed, cheeking it, or shouldering it.

The SB tactical brace when strapped to the forearm adds plenty of stability so the pistol does not feel awkward when holding it outward. When cheeking or shouldering the weapon it creates a nice compact easy to maneuver frame. I applied an angled foregrip and red-dot scope and these made it easy to have a solid grip and quickly acquire my target.


The weapon is as accurate as the shooter. I shot a tight 5 shot group sitting and resting the pistol on my forearm (no bench rest) at 25 yards. Through 200 rounds I had no failure to fires from either the standard 15 round Glock mag or the SGM 33 round magazine and the last round hold open and bolt release functioned properly every time.


Take down is a simple process of pushing out the rear take down pin and pulling the upper and lower in separate directions as there is no rear take down pin, the parts just clip into place.


The EP9 ships with a SB tactical SOB brace which is a very comfortable brace. It also has a picatinny rail along the full length of the upper and along the bottom of the handguard. While I settled on a red-dot and angled foregrip it could accept any picatinny compatible accessory you desired such as scopes, iron sights, carry handles, etc. Note: placing a vertical grip on this pistol will make it a NFA Any Other Weapon and will need to be registered to do such.


Overall impression

I am very happy with the EP9 and don't regret buying it. At a price point of $419 plus shipping it provides a great price for a sub gun style pistol. It is very soft shooting and light making it easy to carry and pleasurable to shoot. The non-reciprocating charging handle assures you that you won't have to worry about it catching your hand when firing.

The only complaint I have is it doesn't appear that the handguard can't be replaced by any standard AR handguards and there is no way to attach an additional picatinny rail.



If you are looking for an affordable sub style gun this could be your answer. While I got the 9mm version they also make a version in 45 and 10mm but they are slightly more expensive.

Extars are not sold in stores and must be ordered direct from the manufacturer and shipped to your FFL. https://extarusa.com/