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    hey all, just got my c9 in the mail last week and i love it! i did alot of research before buying, and am glad to have found a community that agrees with me on how excellent the hipoint line is. i had a question for you all though... where can i find an extra mag for my pistol? (8 or 10, dont care at all at this point) i've checked two sites, and even ordered one only to learn that the product was out of stock and that they would have to credit my card back the money i spent. anyone know of a good online store i can buy one at?

    ps, my hipoint often fails to load and jams when i put 8 rounds in the mag. anyone else have this problem?
  2. Hi Point themselves sell them for about as cheap as you are going to find, and they have free shipping.

    Also, how many rounds do you have through your pistol? Some of them take a bit to get broken in, pistol and mags both.

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    thanks, will check with the mks site.

    i have only 200 rounds through her at the moment, and plan to go out tomorrow and waste another hundred or two.
  4. NO NO NO check the Hi Point site itself. MKS is just their distributor, you can get some parts like mags directly from the factory
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  6. Thats the link! Thanks hipoint.nut
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    whats the biggest mag for the compact? 10rounds?