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    So I'm new here but not new to firearms. i own a new 4595 and i must say it is my favorite firearm to shoot. I have about 300 rounds thru it then started having FTE's. I came straight to the forum for advice and took away several things to look at. First was to make sure it was clean then i looked at firing pin and sure enough it was bent. I called MOM and new pins and springs were sent right away. Awesome service. But to no avail it did not help. Upon checking my brass i found it had a big 1/4 inch gash in the mouth. The brass was extracting from the chamber not being thrown from rifle. After a complete tear down i found that the extractors were loose i was able to move them an 1/8 of an inch without any force at all but after that distance i did feel the spring take hold. Didn't know how tight they were supposed to be so i tried to remove them but couldn't get the pin out but i did manage to move it and the extractors popped a little then went tight. I think the spring must have moved or something. anyway just wanted everyone to know that the help must of us need is right here in the forums. Thanks all.
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    That's a funny first post!
    Instead of asking for help, you helped out!:eek:

    Thumbs up to you!!:)