extractor mechanics safe?

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    I was looking at possibly purchasing a C9 at my local Gun shop the other day. I just bought a 9mm carbine which I really enjoy. While examining the action I noticed that it appears that the extractor would bring back a round and when the slide is at it's rear most position the firing pin comes out and pushes against the primer to eject the round. Is this safe? I ask this question because, sometimes you need to extract a live round. Wouldn't the action of moving the slide back with enough force and the firing pin pushing against the primer cause a live round to go off while extracting?

    I haven't heard or read of this happening but the mechanics seem unsafe to me. Is this how all Hi Points work? I looked at my other semi auto's and all of the semi auto's at the local Gun shop and none of them seem to work this way.
    I'm not trying to put down Hi Point. I like everything about them (price, warranty, made in USA, etc.) I have not jumped on the anti Hi Point bandwagon and I don't plan to. I just wasn't comfortable with the mechanics of the extractor.

    I am new to this forum so this may have been discussed already.
    Thank you.
  2. It is designed to do that. using the firing pin is not a new concept. A primer really has to be whacked hard for it to go off. Don't worry, I chamber liver rounds all of the time with out a problem. just keep that muzzle pointed in a safe direction.


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    Thank you for your post. This makes me feel better about purchasing a C9 now. Just out of curiosity, do you happen to know the name of another pistol that uses this sort of extraction technology?
  4. It was another striker fired pistol, but i Cant remember the name. I'll look into it. Again your 995 is the same way, and i never had a problem with the c9comp cf380 or my jhp. Buy in complete confidence, and if you dont like it, i personally will buy it from you.
    How is that for a money back guarantee?
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    Sounds good enough to me. They were asking 169.00 + tax. Sound reasonable?
  6. man, thats decent. i like that! :wink:
  7. thats about the going rate....
  8. It looks scary when you first get it dont it. I was apprehensive after i saw it. 1500 rounds later with everybody in the world wanting to shoot my p.o.s. cheap plastic toy gun and no prob's except now all my buds got hi-points to. Sometimes you get more than you pay for .I even looked it up on wikipedia before i shot it and there are several guns with the same type of extractor system.
  9. My buddy paid 150.00 with a hardshell case at a gun show recently.
  10. Striker fired pistol:


    Ruger SR9
    Springfield XD
    S&W Sigma
    S&W M&P
    Taurus polymer
  11. Just so you know Ulysses, the claws are refered to as the extractors, the firing pin acts as the ejector.

    The claws extract the casing from the chamber, the firing pin then hits the rear of the casing and ejects it from the weapon.

    Everyone knows what you are talking about, this is just for your own personal information.
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    Thanks for the clarification. Was I using the wrong terms in my original post? (...the extractor would bring back a round and when the slide is at it's rear most position the firing pin comes out and pushes against the primer to eject the round....)
  13. No you were correct. Its just in your second post you refer to extraction technology. Just about every weapon uses a claw of some sort to extract.

    The method of ejection here is what is different and is what you are concerned about.

    Not being anal, just trying to help make sure you understand exactly what you are concerned about.

    Sometimes I try to help and confuse things more than they were LOL