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  1. 0311

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    I have a JHP that I'm doing some custom work on. I plan on painting the slide & grips.
    Can't figure out how to remove the extractor from the slide. I'd like to leave it black. Does it even come off?.
  2. cicpup

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    There's a pin. Tap it out. Should be fairly obvious once you notice it.

  3. Hermitt

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    Take a small punch and tap this pin out from the bottom of the slide.

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  4. 0311

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    Thanks, my eyes are so bad, I didn't see the tiny hole on the top of the slide.
  5. That is why I use a lighted magnifying glass, getting old suck.
  6. 0311

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    Been using one of those on my scroll saw for over a decade. May get another one for in the house. The one I have has a clamp on the end so you can fasten it to a table or other flat surface.