Extremes in personal protection

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  1. Two new aquisitions, the cobra 9mm deringer was purchased at a local gunshow, and the DMPS panther lite came from a local shop:


    second try, first had wrong pic.
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    I like the DPMS and the derringer is a nice little pocket gun.Good score.
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  5. I bet that derringer is a handfull!!!!

    Nice looking weapons.
  6. Got an appointment to get taxes done, and when they get back I am getting an M4 upper for my DPMS... Nice guns man!
  7. Have you shot the derringer yet? They are def a handful. I usually cant stand to shoot mine more than a couple times when I go to the range. I got a pocket holster for mine from here
    They are not cheap but are leather and pretty hi quality. You slip it in your back pocket and it looks like your just carrying a wallet. It makes a good backup gun or something to slip in your pocket if your going to just run to the store real quick or something.
  8. Yep its a handfull alright, probably won't carry it much, I have just always wanted a derringer. And thanks for the link to the holster, I have been looking for one.