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  1. Final flight is coming up... and that's your base if I do recall, is it not Primal? Hope you're able to get some good pics! She's a good bird, will be missed.
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    Wow, it doesn't seem like it was all that long ago that I was reading about some new "stealthy" plane...or not too long after when it was actually made public.

    Funny how such a "state of the art" plane can be retired so soon, when there are models much older which have been upgraded and are still flying...

  3. 20 years old; it is a shame, but it's a matter of cost effectiveness. It's so expensive to maintain those things; the entire plane has to be checked after every flight for defects in the stealth coating, for example. If a problem is found, the material has to be re-cast then re-inspected... those things are maintenance intensive as you wouldn't believe. That, and they have a relatively small payload compared to the B-2... and in today's wars a larger conventional payload outweighs the advantages of a smaller nuclear payload.
  4. Yeah, that's my base, but I don't think we're having the final fligh ceremony here, at least not that I've heard anyway. We did have the final 4 ship formation fly over last week, and that was pretty cool. I don't know where the final flight is gonna be, but if it is here, I'll take pics for sure.
  5. Wow, I too can remember when this plane was a mystery, and the government was denying that it existed. Time sure is going by fast.
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    Aint that the truth.
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    I always thought it was the most frightening aircraft that an enemy could ever imagine... This was the Juggernaut... "Don’t you know who the f*** I am? I’m the Juggernaut, b****!"
  8. Its kinda funny if you think about it... if they admit we have the predator, the F-22, the F-35, etc... what on Earth are we NOT hearing about? I keep thinking of the dale brown "megafortress" idea lol. A B-52 loaded with rotary launchers holding AMRAAMS and ATG munitions, attack drones, spy drones, countermeasure suites, anti-missile lasers, etc. lol.
  9. That jet is a total kick in the pants for sure. I have always loved going out on the line to refuel them. The only thing about those things from a maintainers point of view, is they are a piece of crap on the ground and a chunk of gold in the air. They are very expensive to maintain with all the classified stuff they require to keep them in the air.
  10. Kick in the pants... too bad I don't have a top secret/code word security clearance; then you could share stories of gassing up UFOs lol.
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    On average there is about a 20 year delay between the existence of military technology and when they government actually admits its out. My father worked for the government on many "projects" that only until recently became public.

    Just look at it this way, if they are retiring that air craft, imagine what is replacing it! Our government isn't one to just stop using something without having a better replacement.
  12. Think about it, they are working on scram jets now that will eventually take you from New York to Tokyo in what, an hour? And thats the stuff they are letting us know about.

    Just imagine what is in the skunk works!
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    AndrewST, the U.S. military DID replace the M1911 A1 .45 ACP pistol with the Beretta 9mm in 1985... So it has happened before... with pistols. :lol:
  14. I'd say something like this...
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  16. It's fairly redundant when you think about it. Our enemies these days are splinter group nutjobs in third-world nations.

    Not much point having a radar invisible plane if they don't even have radar :)
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    Careful Unreconstructed, That there is a classified photo.The alphabet soup boys gonna come knockin' on your door now! :wink:
  19. I worked on the 117 before it went public, kinda sucked in a way, couldn't even tell my wife what I worked on. Was there when they unvailed it to the public for the first time at Nellis AFB, Unbeliveable crowd at that air show. Was still with the planes when they transfered to Hollaman(sp) AFB NM. I loaded bombs and worked EOR for operation just cause and desert storm. Kinda wish I could be there for the final flight.

    She was junk on the ground, but it sure did its job well.....
  20. i'm sure it costs a lot to keep up, but damn thats over a billion bucks sitting mothballed. cryin shame.