F&N Five seveN-I want one, can't seem to find one!

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    Ok so I have decided that I want to purchase an FN Five seveN. From my understanding and reviews I have read is supposed to be just one hell of a firearm.

    Now the problem....I can't seem to find one! I read information back from 2000 stating that it wasn't available to the general public only LEO's with a letterhead and Agencies. The reason for it was the expanded magazine(20 rounds) and the fact that it has the capability of piercing armor at up to 300m and is the companion pistol to the ever awesome P90.

    However I was reading elsewhere that recently the ban was lifted and can be purchased by civ.

    GM! I need your input and anyone else that might know!

    Where can I find one of these to purchase if at all available!
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    Thanks for the link! It is good to know they are available to civies. Although the pricing on that website is higher than what I have read, but not by much.

    The other question I forgot to ask was if anyone had an ballistics information on this chambering. What is it comparable to?
  4. A friend of mine in Arizona has one and I fired it a few months ago. I thought it was pretty cool, but expensive (pistol and ammo both)
    I've tried to find numbers to compare it to, I've been told it's much like a .22 rimfire magnum fired from a pistol. I've been unable to find good .22 rim-mag ballistics from a pistol barrel (and the .22 uses a heavier bullet)
    If you can find real numbers, I'd like to see them too.

    While I'd like to have one of these pistols, I can't see spending that much money if I can get pretty much the same performance for rimfire prices.

    Good luck finding a deal on one, and if you do--enjoy it!
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    there are two at teton traders gunshop in pierre SD
    there is one at jack fist gun shop in rapid city SD
    there is at least one at gun city in bismarck ND

    All three locations have ammo too

  7. Two of my local shops carry the Five Seven and plenty of ammo for them as well, and yes the pistol and ammo are expensive! The early import guns were limited to LEO's due to low numbers coming in and at that time the ONLY source of ammo was the mil-spec armor piercing stuff.
  8. I know for a fact that Gander and Bass Pro both stock it, as I have to man-handle it everytime I go...some kits come with the 10 round variation of the mags...while others will come with the 20 round version...it all depends on what they have in stock...ammo is expensive and I think only FN produces it...the pistol was designed to compliment the P90 so that the soldier would only have to worry about only one type of ammo in the field...best price I've seen is 800 otd...3 mags...hard case and the usual...brand new...so happy hunting :D
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    i also want to pick one of these up, if someone made a carbine chambered in 5.7x28 i would be in more of a hurry to get one.
  10. 1motion,

    The carbine you are looking for is the P90. Saw a few of them at the gun show back in Dec and prices were $1100-$1300 depending on dealer and configuration.
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    Thanks for some of the information! My whole hunt for one of these kind of falls on getting my CCW and I want a great reliable firearm that is easy to carry, and handles well. That is what this firearm seems to be about, handling.

    This wouldn't be my only CCW firearm, but I would imagine be the one I carried the most. The reason I lean towards this gun is that I am a small guy and carrying a .40 is a little rough and most of them short of the S&W MP line are almost to large for me to handle as well as I would like.

    I am 6' 150lbs and my wedding band is a size 6 to give some of you an idea on my hand size. The average male wedding band is an 11...they had to order mine.

    Not only that but from the reading I have done the Five seveN does pretty serious damage inside the human body even for such a small round.

    Will I end up going with this firearm for sure on my CCW? Maybe, maybe not, but I will still want to get one.

    Any other suggestions for a nice CCW firearm in the sub $1000 range for someone with a small build?
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    I have never heard of one of thse before, but I like the looks of it....plus thats a nasty looking little round!


    This is it next to a 5.56 and a 7.62. That PSN90 is a mean looking little bastard too, I can immagine that with the 30rd. clip would be a blast. [/img]
  13. The carbine in question chambered for the 5.7x28 is the PS90 (semi-auto) and P90 (full auto, not for civies) 30-50 round capacity for both is available and yeah good luck finding one for under a grand 1200-1800 is average considering which setup you choose
    PS90 shown, P90 typically has the shorter barrel
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    Hahaha! Imagine the look on a BG if you pulled the P90 out of your coat and at him!

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    ok so i know about the p90 but didnt mention it, but i hate bullpup stocks and im not a fan of the mags they use, and really the p90 just isnt my style. something simple like a 10/22 or 995 is what i want to see for this cartridge.... something simple and cheap
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    Hey Contact Charlie at: COLLECTOR RIFLE & AMMO INC 1025 RT 82 HOPEWELL JCT NY 12533 (24.95 SH&I TO A FFL) telephone: 845-227-4100

    He has one in stock and his prices are low.
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    ......thinking of carbines that could be converted to 5.7x28 :idea:
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    You must have some bucks to practice with that stuff! You know some folks are getting those type of speeds from their CZ-52s (2000 FPS) granted you cant load 20 rounds. But it would be way cheaper to shoot for practice. Though I wont be pushing mine to 2000 FPS 1750 1800 is fast enough for me.
  19. I think that round is somewhere between a .22WMR (mag) and the .22 Hornet but with a lighter bullet. I too would like to see it chambered in a more conventional style carbine at a more affordable price, but since it is an FN exclusive product I seriously doubt we will see anything cheaper or in a more conventional configuration.