Factory accessories....yes or no?

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    NE Utah
    Refund, return was no sweat, other than having to go 30 miles to a UPS drop off. But I had to go there anyway, for other things.

    The Sig held up, but wasn't exactly shake awake...I had to push buttons. Not sure what their idea of shake awake is, gotta do some reading.

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    I have a Sig Romeo5 arriving tomorrow from Midway. I have a Holosun shake awake. Only had it to the range once, so I'm not sure. It might have taken the recoil from the first shot to "shake" it. It is very possible Holosun makes the Sig.
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    Over the weekend, my Pro Pack and muzzle brake arrived. My muzzle brake seems more like aluminum (cold to the touch, heavy, and not enamoured with a magnet) than plastic as I thought someone suggested. All are in place now; have to wait for the weekend to hit the range.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    The brake is zamack. It's mixture of zink, aluminum, cat litter, and belly button lint.
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    What moron told you that?
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    Dave, sorry for the late response! They just let me out today (kidding).

    The tritium front sight is for an AR15 flip up front sight I'm using. It got it from Amazon. I don't recall who made it.

    If you go the same route, there are some things you should know.

    There are thick tritium front sights, and thin post-type front sights. Decide which one you're comfortable with. I like the thin one.

    Make sure you get a tritium front sight that works with your sight base. For example, A2 sight with an A2 sight base.

    My .02.
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    Thank you.

    Been away quite a while.
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    Just an update. I'm back to the HTA Bullpup stock. Putting the AR stock on the original TS stock didn't work out for me. I botched the installation, I think, and it was never sturdy enough for my liking. The HTA stock is a quality piece of equipment. I'm hoping that HTA eventually comes out with that magazine they've been teasing about.
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