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  1. My new press doesn't have a factory crimp die, do I really need to have this? If I do I'll go buy a cheap press and just put the Lee factory crimp die on it.
  2. Wouldn't hurt .That way all rounds start with the same case pressure.

  3. Using the Lee Factory Crimp Die ensures that each and every round will fit the chamber of the gun without any hang-ups. Sometimes when applying a crimp the case can bulge out slightly, sometimes causing it to fit too tightly in the chamber. The factory crimp die will squeeze the bulge back down to the proper dimensions, making sure that the round will properly fit any gun chambered for that particular cartridge. It's also recommended that you seat the bullet and crimp in two different operations, which is what the crimp die will allow you to do more easily.

    I use the Factory Crimp die for my 38 Special and the 9mm Luger. I'm very pleased with this die. It definitely helps keep the 9mm rounds from jamming in my 995 carbine.

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    The lee factory crimp die has made a big difference in the quality of my 9mm and 45acp. I made a video about it. When I get my LEE 1000 going I am still going to crimp die on my single stage press after the 1000 makes the ammo

  5. I like to keep my seating and crimping operations separate, this allows you to adjust bullet seating depth without messing with the crimp. The Lee FCD is probably the best crimp die you can buy because you will never worry about over crimping a round or having a round that will not chamber properly. It will also help reduce the black sooty fouling that gets into the chamber and on the spent cases, this is generally cause by improper crimp during the seat/crimp operation when performed as a single step.

    Ari has an awesome YouTube video about the Lee Factory Crimp Die. Check it out because its well worth watching.

  6. ive used one for years , i have a small lee press set up just for that purpose ,
  7. I've been reloading without one for years, so no it is not required. Millions of rounds are made every year without them. BUT there are lots of good reasons to have one as mentioned above. I plan on picking one up soon for my 45ACP loads as I forsee myself making many of them in the future as it's shot far more then any other caliber.
  8. I've been loading 9, 40, 45 without the FCD for years. I'm thinking I might start using it. I have the soot on the cases that Ari talks about. My question is, does the bullet shift in the case between the setting and the crimping. For me it means removing one and setting up an other press. Has anyone tried to use the number one station for the FCD on a Pro 1000 leaving the others empty.
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    I've only been reloading for a little over a year, so I'm far from being very knowledgeable. I only have a single stage press so it takes me a while to do a bunch but so far I consider it a learning process and enjoy it. Anyway, I have mic'd the overall lengths before and after using the FCD and I don't find any difference.
  10. as long as you dont taper the case out to much you shouldnt have a problem. For me this is done in the power through die before I seat the bullet. Dont bell it out to much and you should be good to go as I have never had a problem. When setting up my dies, I do not set the crimp untill I've got the bullet seated properly meaning I am pulling it out to measure it alot to get it just right, then I screw down the crimp.
  11. I still haven't gotten that box of stuff sent off to Lee's yet, and all my reloading stuff is still in boxes... You guys are really killing me with all the talk about reloading. I need a good reloading fix right about now.
  12. Stop by tonight, I'll be loading a few hundred 45 ACPs tonight...oh wait, i forgot...
  13. Taurus, that was cold buddy... Still miss you like crazy dude. Have fun loading those .45's.
  14. Just met my new neighbor. Talked to him a few times before, but last night helped him fix his fence, got to talking about guns and stuff and he has some cool toys. Class III anybody?
  15. I checked several of my 40SW reloads with a caliper and saw some differences in their dimensions. I used a new factory round from Federal as a standard and the barrel of my XD40SC for the fit test. Some of the reloaded rounds would not seat without pushing them into the chamber.
    With that info, I called Midway and ordered the FCD for 9mm (since the 40SW is back ordered). When it comes I will reload some 9mm and see if the FCD is really worth it.