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Factory turn around

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I shipped my C9 last week and the factory recieved it last Friday.
What is the expected turn around time untill I recieve it back and do they send me tracking info when they ship it?
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i shipped them a 995 that was in a house fire . the stock had melted down into a big blob of black plastic and everything else was pretty much risted solid the chargeing handle broke off it was a pile of burned up junk . i shipped it to them and within 3 weeks i had a new gun sitting in my home. they completely redone the gun and had it looking new.
Hey .45acp, They don't use tracking #s. I sent my .380 in and got it back with in 6 days. I'm thinking you should get it back by this Sat. if not, then first of next week. Also, keep in mind that HP is working around the clock to get their other guns out too.
Thanks guys.
I'm just a bit anxious as I want to get it back and test fire a few hundred rounds to make certain it's ok before the weather turns really cold.
I was also a bit concerned as I remember hearing of members whose guns were lost in transit.
I sent my C9 in via UPS with a tracking number and insured it and I did get a confirmation that it was delivered and who signed for it.
I also bet you will get it back this weekend or next monday. I was anxious too so I just called them to see if they could give me an ETA. They checked their paper work and let me know if was in shipping back to me. It arrive 30 minutes later!
I shipped my C9 comp in on Friday last week. I called yesterday to check on the progress and they haven't touched it yet because they only do repair/warranty work 2 days out of the week. I also live in Ohio so usual turn around is about a week depending on how busy or not busy they are.
When I shipped my C9 back home, it was 2 weeks when it was shipped back to me by FedEx.

FedEx does provide tracking numbers to the shipper but Hi-Point does not usually provide them to you.

Someone has to be home to sign for the package.
Yeah, I forgot that part. You do have to be home and sign for it.
I just got my C9 back!

They replaced all the springs and replaced the slide.
They said that they "rebuilt" the frame but it looks brand new, the flash marks are still on the plastic and they were sanded off on my old frame.
The barrel also looks kind of suspicous, the old one was scuffed from wear, the barrel on the gun now shows no signs of wear.

It's like a brand new gun and I got an extra magazine too!

No questions asked other than what I thought was wrong with the gun, no hassles. Man, what a company.

I can't wait untill the weekend for a range trip.
I just got my Stallard JS-9 back from the mother-ship today! Great service! I don't know how many owners this gun has been through (I got it on trade for an old beat up savage 12 gauge shotgun I never used!) but they repaired it with no questions asked! Even included a magazine and trigger guard with it! My next purchases will probably be the C9 and the .40! How can I not buy from this company again?!?!? They took a 10 year old gun and overhauled it for me! I now swear by hi point! They will definitely get my business again! What a great company! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Man, that is excellent. When I sent my Kel-Tec P3-AT back, it was about 10 weeks. They'd had the thing longer than me. :mad:
I shipped my Hi Point 45JHP to the factory on a Monday and had it back the following Monday with a new barrel, firing, pin, recoil spring and rear sights. Now that is service worthy of loyalty.
I shipped my Hi Point 45JHP to the factory on a Monday and had it back the following Monday with a new barrel, firing, pin, recoil spring and rear sights. Now that is service worthy of loyalty.
Just curious. WHy did you send it in?

I'm probably gonna call them about the POS 10 rd mags they sent me, BTW.
I was concerned that the 45 was shooting too far to the left. I had to place the rear sight all the way to the right to have good groupings at 15 yards. I simply wanted it checked out, but they went above and beyond my expectations. I have five of their magazines and have had no issues with any of them. Nor with the seven C9 9 round mags I have, nor with the 995 mags.
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