Failed Tromix Projects

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  1. Was checkin out Tromix website and found their "never made it" projects. The link to the page is

    ^^muzzle Loader^^


  2. They do nice work though---their waiting list is up till 2009!! :shock:

    The .475 Tremor though would be bery nice--bery bery nice!!

    I always needed a rifle to hunt dinosuars with...


  3. I would not say failed as much as I would say prototypes that never make it to the market.

    The guy does beautiful work on his guns and I have honestly never heard anything bad said about him. And there are places like where the members pull no punches on their opinions.
  4. WTF are those things in the pics? Those are guns? Look like something off Star Wars.... Interesting stuff, call that gay dude from "future weapons" he'll get a kick out of that stuff. :p
  5. Those are actual guns Primal, the guy spends most of his time in his shop either working on peoples guns or developing new ones. Those are ones that he made that because of price etc have not taken off.

    I think the middle one is full auto and was avaliable to LEO's.
  6. Very cool. Interesting way of piping the gas. Also can you imaging having a muzzle loaing assult rifle? wow...
  7. Weird! :wink: But everyone needs a hobby, I guess.
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    i bet it takes a lot of skill to come up with something like those!
  9. That is how those weapons like the square box with hundreds of barrels in it that can shoot a million rounds a minute are developed. Some guy comes up with an idea and follows his dreams.

    The owner of tromix will not let anybody else work on the weapons that he produces to my knowledge, every one is done by him from start to finish, so that it is a work of art and he knows that it will be as dependable as something built by man can be.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but although I cannot afford one of his weapons, I do admire them.

    I also respect the fact that he took time out of his busy day to call me so I could buy a couple of relatively low priced items from him.
  11. I didnt think you were being critical loopster :)
  12. Still want a muzzleloading AR...think it's cali legal?
  13. Probably not because of the receiver LOL. I dunno, out there doesnt the mag have to be welded to the receiver or something?
  14. I think farting is about to be outlawed in Cali so I don't think it would be legal :lol:
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    yes, a very slow, painstakingly planned assault.....
  16. So it would be alot like a regular AR, just would shoot faster due to less jams?