failure to fire rounds on my 40 s#w H P

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    I have at times had issues with my 40 not firing the primer. like a light indent on it. Refeed that round and it fires. Sometimes 2 or 3 rounds a clip. All kinds of brands and reloaded primers any suggestions and how do I go about sending it in and getting it back? I love the way it shoots but it bugs me some. Any Help would be great. :? :?
  2. Lock the slide back and see if you have a bent firing pin.

    Could also be a weak firing pin spring.

    Others may not agree, but if I didnt see a bent pin, I would take out the spring, measure it, and stretch it out another half inch and see if that helps.

    If so, call Hi Point and tell them that you spring is bad and ask them to send another one to you.

  3. good call. i light dent on the primer sounds like a weak spring to me also.
  4. Magazines.......not clips.......................... :roll:
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    Thanks for the help guy,s I will check it out. If I have to send it in will it come to me or does it have to go through a FFL. ? Thanks again