Failure to fire, usually last round

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Dale Holliday, Apr 26, 2020.

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    I meant pushing sideways, not down. Sheesh.

    Sounds like it’s not quite going into battery or switching the disconnect, doesn’t it? pull the trigger on all but the last round, eject the empty mag, put in a new mag, and it shoots? Im voting LRHO.
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  2. Yeah that's what I'm thinking too

  3. Not sure what happened up there, I'm not an avid forum user. Was trying to respond to everyone who was helping me out.
    Okay all, So I decided to use snap caps to try diagnosing the no-fire issue. Same thing would happen, no click on the last round. HOWEVER- If I pulled up on the slide and then pulled the trigger, it fired. There is a small amount of play. So, the pressure from the mag spring theory started looking good. I was going to look at the LRHO but Hi Point sent me a new firing pin assembly (not trigger assembly as I typed originally) so I swapped that out first. I tried it out, not expecting it to work, but surprisingly the gun now fires on last round. Will have to get back to the range for the real test, but is firing with the snap cap! The longer, skinnier spring was a bit out of line. If that was the problem, I can't figure out why it would fire the other times. Weird but we'll see what happens at the range.
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    Fingers crossed. Well, not the trigger finger, but...hope it goes well.
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  5. May be a thread to sticky once everything is ironed out?
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    Sounds like the firing spring might be weak, damaged or there's a burr in the firing pin channel.
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    Why would it be the last or second to last round?
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  8. I'm not a gunsmith but the same thing is baffling me. But if it fires all 10 rounds next time I take it to the range I'm gonna let this puzzle go lol.
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    The problem and the answer lies in the pressure from the rounds in the magazine.
    Have you ever tried firing a round loaded in the chamber without the magazine inserted?
    HP will send you a Trigger assembly with the Trigger arm attached. That’s one of the things you should ask for. If you polished or “adjusted” the sear cam you need to replace that also.
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    But hopefully it’ll suddenly start working.
    Not that I would want to count on it ever as a defensive weapon.
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    i bet i have fired 12-15k rounds of WWB over the last 3 years and have had exactly 1 that did not go bang when the trigger was pulled . it fired on the second try . i dont get all the negative stories on this ammo. i have fired it in everything from Glocks and Berettas to my hi point 995 . its GOOD ammo. period .I also have half again that amount stockpiled for the boog , id trust my life to it .
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    Oh I dunno. I was spit ballin answers.
  13. I have purchase 5 Hi-Point magazines, and have periodic jamming on all magazines. I have done the recommended fine tuning without results. The C9 would be a best buy if Hi-Point would design a reliable magazine. However, after more than a decade it appears that they do not intend to solve the nagging magazine that many folks complain about. Question: Does anyone know of reliable after market magazine for the C9? [I have not had any similar problems with my Ruger, Springfield, and Sig pistols.]
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    I thought you solved all your misfeed issues back in '08 by adjusting the feed lips?
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    Heh Heh.