Fairly (stupid) new 4595 owner, will probably be asking a lot of questions

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by nerdwithguns, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. I've lurked a lot, read a ton, but will probably have questions about specifics that may or may not have been covered in the past.

    I introduced myself a month back in a fairly stupid way and got flamed so hard my feet got burned and trolled until I slept under a bridge.

    Sorry Team, that wasn't intended. I was brainstorming out loud (too loud I suppose).

    Anyhow, I pretty much have the cheap parts installed just to see how the carbine would handle them as well as the weight difference, and the standard loadout of stabilizer, sights, grip, lighting, laser, etc, etc have all been exhausted.

    I wanted to do something exotic over cosmetic, but that's nearly impossible at my skill level with machining and my trust in working with plastics. LOL if the darned frame were silicon and I ONLY had to solder, I'd be in business. I'll wait until I have another platform to do anything drastic like barrel mods for varied slug compatibility.

    I skipped the intros and went straight here to get eyes on what and who I really am rather than the bad man or real dummy troll I came off as initially.

    To the older members who called me on my post:

    That prodding and series of messages pretty much summed up the entire set of forum rules. Beating them into me with a stick worked. (I'm being serious, I appreciate it). Criticism goes far and allows for the exchange of theories and, well, memes.

  2. bluharley

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    Welcome back dude! I ran away once :wah:

  3. Bull

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    Welcome back!......
  4. LOL actually, I didn't check back on my thread until yesterday.....literally.

    The result of revisiting my post was twofold:
    1) Come back and make sure you didn't say something really extraordinarily dumb.
    2) In the event that you did, then didn't check back in speaks volumes to the people you don't know.

    I had been online and read other threads periodically, but didn't consider to look at the s-storm I created.

    Thanks, all.

    Blu - I wish I could run away, but wherever I go there it is (internet).
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    Were you meme boy? First post was a bunch of Hi-Point insulting memes? If so, IIRC you got slapped around a little bit. If not, please refresh our memories as to what you did. Promise we won't beat you up for it now. Either way, glad to see you survived your initiation.
  6. cicpup

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    Not me. But I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for chasing a few off.
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    Different guy. Our friend Nerd here unintentionally ran afoul of SBR restrictions while musings aloud and got the rough side if a few members tongues for the error. He didn't know the difference and didn't actually do anything physically (so no broken laws). Now he knows better. So it's all good.

    Be gentle, it's his second time. ;)

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  8. talon

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    He earned my respect from the PM he sent. He might just be a keeper.
  9. lklawson

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    Heck, they kept me, so the standards can't be *that* high.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  10. SteveC

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    Glad you're back. Old stuff is old stuff, no worries.

    So what did you have in mind in the way of "exotic" stuff to do with your carbine? And just curious but what do you mean by stabilizer?
  11. planosteve

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    I would of just put a mag holder on it and a red dot/scope. A good rail and trigger are always good. I don't need to get fancy as this is my low cost beater carbine. Spend the money on ammo. I will go crazy on my AR-15 or AR-10 when I build them up.
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    Welcome back.....;)
  13. Visper

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    Nice to see you back! Kudos to you manning up! Hey, gaining Talon's respect isn't an easy task!

    Some of us are still trying to find our place on here, including myself. But like Talon said, we may have a keeper!

    Great to see everyone giving you a second chance too! I'd say you earned it!
  14. Meme boy roflmao skull stickahs foe life!!

    No sir. I said something about AR pistols.
  15. Bipod.

    Exotic meaning playing Captain Hacksaw and then realizing I've never molded or worked with any incarnation of fiberglass. Metal, mechanical stuff, yes. Plastics....ehhh not so much.

    I wanted to look into a buttstock mod, but that's just not where I'm at....yet.

    Thanks for the warm re-welcome, folks.
  16. Bull

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    Well the good thing is HPs are a fairly cheap platform to tinker with.... You ain't hacking away on a 800$ gun!....
  17. cicpup

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    Why? Don't like the look of the TS?

    Yea, me either.
  18. I believe I'm around the $400 mark. Bought in October for $310-$330 I believe. It was naked besides the stock sights.

    There's been a ton of trial and error since then. The HP FG wobbled a lot in the locked position, got returned. The no-name light/FG combo I picked up off ebay had no shielding, thus burning a nice design into my palm for a day; returned. Got a plain-jane from LGS, all's well with the grip - $15

    RDS was cheap and hasn't mosied off zero, so that was a win - $30/35

    Light with a remote plate - $10

    Bipod - $35

    Sling for a fat person - $15

    2 standard mags - $30

    So slightly over $400 @ $460, but still not bad.

    LASER! I forgot to add I picked up a mini green one that fit right underneath my F/L. That one was a freebie from next door. Gave him a borked TV, got a small bucket of parts in return. Tiny little thing. Looked like one for a pistol, but had the single bolt so it went right on.

    Ok, that's where I'm at with hardware. I do need to grab some more ammo. I only have 6 boxes left.
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    I'm glad to see you back on the board, nerd. Your PM was much appreciated. As far as modifications go, If you stick to ones that don't require cutting, torching, or grinding, you should be safe. That is how I have kept my forays into the amateur smithing world safe.
  20. LOL that's exactly the same pic I sent to a friend up north. Said it looks a lot like an UZI.

    Actually, I believe I caught that on the goog images and have been on the hunt for that exact solution ever since.