Fake rifle stocks on Ebay. A little long but educational.

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    I have been looking on Ebay for a replacement stock for a Ruger 10/22. Some sellers had the same stocks and the prices were similar.

    I found one that caught my eye, very diferent and exotic and I almost bid on it. I wrote the seller asking what was the stock made of and the manafacturer since they had not listed that info in the description. I was told maker unknown and it was made of some kind of polymer.

    After I did some research on such things as feedback ratings on these sellers and buyers connected with this "exotic stock" a trend appeared. The seller would have a neg or later a negative remark made and the buyer would have negative feedback left.

    To shorten things up for you readers some sellers were taking airsoft rifles(some costing $20 and never meant to be turned into an actual firearm) and doing a little cut and file work and selling them for big dollars to old John Q Public.

    If any interest go to Ebay and look for item #230187529430 and 180174685955, or user ID"S moore9807,,n771fy(just sold one for $175), evansangus(who was had also), and sumathisumathat( paid over $280 for one, and now has it back on Ebay). In all but the last person I mentioned above, never was anything said about the stocks originally being made from an airsoft gun!! Her listing was revised and it stated the stock was made from an airsoft.

    Just never know when the Hi-Point carbines might get their turn in one of these scam attempts.

    Was just a not needed heads up to all I am sure. Then there could be a not so experienced person fall for such as this.

  2. I have to say those things look pretty flimsy and I would not shoot either.
  3. Has anone contacted e-bay to tell them about this? Im pretty sure that you can have the listing pulled as it is not safe to use as a firearm. If no one else wants to do it let me know an I will give e-bay a call and see what can be done about it.
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    they look like airsoft models made to fit a 10/22

    wells mp5 airsoft
  5. has any one watched the video of them shooting the mp5. the location of the firing chamber is right beside your temple.....hmmmmm doesnt sound to intelagent
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    ??? Im thinking that that firing chamber is a little further foward??? :roll:
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    There are quite a few people over on rimfire central that have taken the airsoft stocks and adapted them for the 10/22. That being said, everything I have read over there recomends using the high dollar airsoft stuff becuase the shells are actually metal framed and covered with plastic. They run several hundreed just for the airsoft gun to start with though.

    The Krestlefire mp5 kit does place the receiver right next to your cheek. I also read a few reviews that said it had issues with the trigger linkage getting stuck. They are Originally airsoft rifles though, just adapted for the 10/22, and not adapted very well from what I have read.
  8. Jason is correct. Those aren't fakes. Converting the airsoft for 10/22 has been going on since airsoft came out. This is just some creative modding. Most people report that the cheaper airsoft stocks do feel flimsy and quality of fit and finish is terrible. I am guessing if you purchased one of the very expensive authentic airsoft that quality would be much better. What you are willing to pay for something like this is the only issue. I am not willing to pay anything so that solves it for me. Check over at RimFireCentral for some great photos of airsoft conversions.
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