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    My town had a Safety Expo at one of our local convention centers. It was free, so that was a plus. Local PD, State Police, SWAT, EMT, National Guard, Fire Departments, etc... they had some of their cool vehicles, guns, gear, etc..

    The kids (and I) got to climb around on the vehicles. It was pretty cool.

    Also learned about some neat stuff in my city. Talked to someone about neighborhood watch for my neighborhood...didn't even know we had one.

    Learned about a cool program, too, through the DHS, called CERT. Going to start a different thread about that, and talked to someone else about the Civil Air Patrol that I also want to look into. That will also be a separate thread.

    Here's a few cellphone pics I grabbed





    Stopped at the zoo afterwards. We got a family membership with the tax return. Weather was nice today, for April in Erie and it was the grand opening of the brand new big cats area.

    Only grabbed one pic

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    You might want to look into a ham radio license, it is a nice add on to CERT. I am a communications hub for them being 100% solar/battery powered.