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  1. GoesBang

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    My father is retired U.S. Navy
    My brother and I are both USMC veterans
    My brother in law is retired U.S. Navy
    My oldest son was in the U.S. Navy
    My youngest daughter and her husband are both active duty U.S. Navy
    Now my youngest son has enlisted in the U.S. Navy

    Proud patriots all.
  2. ArmyScout

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    Out Standing! Congrats to all!

    Grandfather: USA WW1
    Father: USAA WWII
    Uncle: Navy USS Nevada WWII
    Uncle: Seabees Pearl WWII
    Step Brother: Marines Korean War KIA
    Brother In law: USAF Nam
    Nephew: Combat Engrs Irag
    All but Nephew are deceased...

  3. Congrats man I'm glad to hear the good qualities of soldiering runs in the family. I'm the first generation in my family to serve.
  4. And to paraphrase the song 'Grand Old Flag', and in peace may he be while enlisted.
  5. moona11

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    Brother NG
    Me Army
    Two cousins NG
    Great uncle AF General
    Evil Army
    Here dad and uncles Army Nam
    My kids hopefully never. Those that did know why.
  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Great great Grandpa, born in Norway, Union Army from Wisconsin.
    Grandfather Army WW1.
    Dad tried to go Navy late '50' 5'4" they said no.
    I was Army, brother a Marine
    Son was Navy.
    Nephew a Marine.
  7. sarahsmom

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    Grandfather -WWI & WWII lifetime Army
    Dad - Army WWII2 Uncles - Air Force
    WWII & Korea, both buried in Arlington
    1rst brother - Navy
    2nd brother - Army
    Great Nephew - Army, Afghanistan
  8. Bull

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    Both grandfathers were WWII army... One was a radar tech. The other drove LCVPs
    My son is a Marine...
  9. colthrash

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    my dad and 2 uncles army
    me army
    son army
    2 nephews army
    lived next to a naval air station growing up...
  10. One grandfather Army sniper - Vietnam
    Other grandfather Navy civil engineer - Vietnam
    Grandma Navy nurse corps - Vietnam
    Uncle Navy air traffic controller - First Gulf War
    Cousin Army Blackhawk crew chief - Iraq/Afghanistan - present
    Cousin Army chaplain - Iraq/Afghanistan
    Me Air Force SIGINT - current

    Dad tried to join the Navy as a jet engine tech in the early 80s, but his arthroscopic knee surgery DQ'd him.
    Wife is looking at an Air Force commission after the boy gets a bit older, looking at Finance.
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  11. Damn, how could I forget, also had a great uncle in the Air Force as, if I remember correctly, an F-105 mechanic during Vietnam.

    He now lives in Montana "off the grid" and is one Hell of a paranoid prepper.
  12. sarahsmom

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    Forgot to add Dad was in a glider patrol unit in France, and my brother was stationed on the U.S.S. Hornet. He got to help retrieve one of the Apollo missions - I think it was Apollo 8.
  13. moona11

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    Its not TNT is it? That boy is all over the map. ;-)