Family Vacation can be fun!

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    I will only go on vacation where you can fire a full auto weapon as I live in a Liberal state and you can't do anything. Below is my Las Vegas MP5 Full Auto target (97 out of 100) @ 15 yards. Was not impressed with it.

    Next is Orlando, FL Rock River Arms 9mm Carbine Full Auto target (50 out of 50) at 25 yards. Liked this weapon better than the MP5.

  2. Cool beans Brother--

    I agree on your choice-- I was never a fan of the MP5,-- but I assume the Rock RIver Carbine is the 9mm AR15?

    Either way I am glad you got out of New York for a bit to enjoy the "Finer things"..

    Semper Fi--

    USMC 91-97 0331/8531-

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    Very nice...
  4. Jarhead1775

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    Hey tju1973,
    Yes it was a RRA 9mm Carbine.

    I was 2311/8531 years 1992-1996
    I was TAD to Lejeune's Range in Sneads Ferry from mid 1993 - 1995.
    Then I blocked and coached on Camp Schwab from 1995-1996.
    I wonder if we ever crossed paths?