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    It is a very favorable review, focusing on Home Defense and pairing Pistol and Carbine. He mentions the fact that they're heavy with often sub-par trigger feels, but gives 'em big kudos for efficiency of design and manufacture. He mentions that the mags are only 10 round but doesn't identify that as a specific negative, possibly because he's focusing on Home Defense where fewer than 10 round exchanges are the statistical norm or maybe because he wasn't contrasting them against other options.

    The author describes it as the best value for the money.

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    Why does everyone go for the C9 and 995TS combo? What's wrong with the JHP and the 4595TS? :mad:
  3. Think1st

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    Indeed. You'd think that the 9mm was a better round or something.
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    They don't know any better. I place the blame on lack of education.
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    I favor the 1911, 4595 combo myself.