Fast & Furious again

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  1. Here we go. Looks like the fed government was oking Fast and Furious guns to not just the drug cartels, but to Muslims who couldn't pass buying a gun under fed regulations.

    The US Senate is looking into this.

    'A gunman killed during his attack on an Islamic prophet Muhammad art show in Garland, Texas, reportedly bought a pistol through a botched federal firearm sting.'

    'Nadir Soofi bought a 9-mm pistol at a Phoenix gun shop in 2010, one report said, that sold illegal firearms through ATF’s heavily criticized Operation Fast and Furious to track firearms back to Mexican drug cartels.'

    'A week-long hold was also placed on Soofi’s gun purchase, but authorities lifted it after only a day, the Times added.'
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    Oh all Bush's fault, right?:rolleyes:

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    But Paul Walker is dead. Fast and Furious is over. This can't be true.
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    They brought Michelle Rodriguez back from the dead. Why not Paul?
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    And this is the government that the American people are suppose to listen to, believe, trust and deal with! When does the revolution begin? This isn't about democrats and republicans, this is about a corrupt government turned anti Constitution and anti American! The house cleaning must start at the top and not finish til few are left standing, regardless of political party and all 3 branches of the government. If your federal government, your suspect! Then go to each state!
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    But Paul Walker is dead. Fast and Furious is over. This can't be true.

    Too soon
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    Too soon? With the amount of irony surrounding his death jokes were flying that same day. But no. Almost two years is not "too soon".
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    Too soon? Im surprised he isn't making "special appearances" via hologram like TuPac.

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    I wonder where the Chattanooga shooter got his guns?
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    I don't think you give 2 sh!ts about this country period. Your an anarchist and just want to see sh!t burn. You do realize that your being monitored right now don't you. At some point you will wake up in a cell in another country pissing your pants being asked about your friends and family. They can see you right now :O
  11. Many many times when I'm going to post something in a back and forth, I'll type it and then just save it on my computer in notepad(whatever) so that I can decide latter if it should be posted.

    You long ago decided to let members know what your career is. Posting what you have posted here makes things worse as far undoing the current great distrust people have of the government. You ever so slightly increase the chances of fracas happening in this country.

    Any government that would do or even suggest doing what you posted, shows that the government is in an advanced state of decay. History has clearly shown this many, many times over 1000s of years.

    If it's believed that what you post is true, more people will believe that we are living in a tyranny. A certain number of the people will react that every encounter with any LEO could lead to them being sent to secret gulag and will at that point take certain actions.

    How would you react it you thought someone might be going to drag you off to some secret prison? Is there a chance that you might react strongly?

    Unless one wants a fire, one shouldn't fan the embers. Each decides for themselves.

    Internal fracases are prevented by all sides being calm. It's up to every government worker to decide if they want to regain the trust of the people.
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    Uhm......that might hold an ounce of water if he was a senator or governor or actual member of government. His particular profession to say its up to him to regain peoples trust in the government is sorta like telling the guy at the car wash its up to him to restore faith in used car salesmen. Yeah, think your just a few miles off track here.
  13. Not today. Such things take on a life of there own. The events that can lead to revolution go back and forth. There are events before them that decrease the chances and other events the increase them. Normally things build to point that some event starts it and that event often isn't something that what seem to be able to start a revolution.

    While when the English tried to disarm the people that was an obvious event that would start a revolution, the event that started the Russian Revolution was when some women garment worker all took a day off of work. All the 'movers and shakers' in Russia were surprised by what happened, including the commies.

    Revolutions happen when a country is ripe for one they happen and nobody can stop it nor can anyone start one. We can still prevent one and have a good outcome.
  14. The actions of a few LEO's(about 10 of them) that added to the distrust that people had in N. Ireland for the government, is what directly triggered 'The Troubles' there. That is a well documented fact.

    Given even that single fact, I'd say you have no idea where the track is.
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    Drink up.......

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  16. Interesting to see that you have zero knowledge on the matter.
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    ...and that you are so blind to the reality around you.
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    Yes, because hundreds of years of sectarianism and at least two ethno-religious "conflicts" had nothing to do with any of the unrest or civil war that was brewing just prior to the outbreak of WWI.

    And you can't really compare 10 LEO's among a population of 1.4 million in a 5,000 sq.mi. area to a nation of 319 million people in a 3.8 million sq.mi. area with 1.2 million LEO's including full time, part-time, and sworn peace officers?

    You're comparing an area very close to the size, population, and density of Hawaii, to the entire United States.
  19. :loco::llama:
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    It was a joke genius. Or are you also waiting to start a revolution. You two would make great leaders. That was a joke to so you don't get confessed again. You post your views about this crap all the time so do I get over it. Your faith in any form of government or anyone that actually does work for it is so rewarding. Thank you for the support. The trust of the people is not the issue its your lack of trust that is then issue. You just look for a reason to blame everything on government. Run for office if you want to change it.