Favorite garand pic.

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  1. Favorite garand pic + other classic guns.


    Springfield late war rifle, with ap ammo. Effect was done by long exposure with flame backdrop. Lens extended for ridiculous dof

    One modern gun, my ar:


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  2. Tokarev!

    Slightly bubbad saginaw prime:

    Not a mosin:

    A mosin p/u! Not replica, real deal[​IMG]

    Straight pull baby!


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    Nice! I have each of those in my collection with the exception of an Armalite AR. All my AR's are either Colt, S&W, or DPMS. The .22 trainer is a fun firearm, I was surprised by how accurate it is.

    You have good taste. ;)
  4. Thanks! That 22 is so quiet. Im always worried abiut squibs.
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    You've got way too much time on your hands :rofl:
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    So what setting should I use on my Canon PowerShot?
  7. Un.. Wide open aperture, long exposure. Not sure you can het a lena extension on that