Favorite Loads For The 995

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    I reload for all my other gun, just not the 995 / 9 mm yet. All I have shot so far is 115 gr. WWB. Do any of your carbines seem to have a preference as far as bullet weights or types? Thanks,

  2. Some folks have reported favorable results with lead, others have reported issues. I have had excellent results in my 4095 with ranier plated bullets, but had some feed issues with what I think were 180grn mastercraft jhp

    p.s.- keep in mind that it is against forum rules to share actual load data(ie: charge weights). Other aspects are welcome.

  3. As far as my 995, it eats everything that I feed it,

    I mainly use 115gr Barnaul Russian steel case in it because I found a bulk buy of it a year ago at a good price. Dirty but shoots fine.
  4. WWB 9mm. Reloads soon with LRN
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    the 995 is probably one of the least delicate carbines you can find. While many love the WWB for price, I actually prefer the Remmington UMC. It seems to cycle the weapon alot better (I don't know off the top of my head if they're a heavier load).
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    I shoot nothing but LRN 125gr
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    I shoot Blazer Brass 115 grain $8.00 for 50 rounds at WallyWorld. They seem clean and I haven't had a FTF.
  10. I haven't shot anything through my 995 but my own reloads. Most of the rounds were 115 gr. FMJ sitting atop X.X gr. of Hodgdon Universal Powder. They are quite accurate out to 100 yds, have a very light recoil and cycle the action fine. I'm working up a load for some Berry's plated 115 gr RN. Berry's recommends using charges on the lighter side but X.X gr. of the Hodgdon Universal seems fine. Since I ran out of Universal, I might try some Red Dot next.

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  11. I am shooting 125 gr lrn with excellent results. pm for load data.
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    pogy-read the rules, no posts with load data included.

  13. My 995 eats just about anything. My reloads are 115 gr and are a mix of Berry's and Rainier TCJ over Bullseye. The only problem I've had is with the Rainier 115 GR HP hanging up at the bottom of the feed ramp so I don't use them any more.

    PM me if you want to know the complete recipe.
  14. No worries buddy, you're good. Just remember in the future that posting home grown load data in open forum is a no-no. If you do have a favorite factory recipe that is already published on a reloading website, you can link to that information in your posts. Hot link or cold link, doesn't matter, just don't post the actual data in your message. :shock: :wink:
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    What is the cheapest cost you can reload for? Just wondering if I can beat the 8.00 a box a walmart.

  16. My 995 has an appitite for anything that goes bang.
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    Check out the reloading area. There is a few topics on this subject.. Right now I am reloading 9mm for 8.2 cents per round.
  18. I've been using Wolfs. The place near me has them at $6 a box.
  19. I will be able to homebrew Gold Dot HPs for about 0.25 a round, and Nosler Partitions for about 0.19. If you compare it to WWB, the savings is negligible. if you compare it to +P defense ammo, the savings is quite impressive.