"Favorite movies" thread....

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  1. elguapo

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    I had seen last night: Saving Private Ryan, and Collateral.
    The nephew who wanted to watch, fell asleep during SPR, and got tired of me telling the whos and whys of the movie. He did like Collateral..and always wondered why I liked that movie...
  2. elguapo

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    I got alot more movies that I like....tell us yours!!!!

  3. septimius

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    as of right now.. since i just saw it (for the millionth time) a couple of weeks ago.. I would have to say that "True Lies" with Arnie is one of my top 5.. may be just me,, but I think that director James Cameron brings out the best in A.S.

    that movie just doesnt let up

    prolly more to come later as i think it thru
  4. neothespian

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    Tough call:

    It's split between three...

    1) Blade Runner. Combines one of my favourite authors (Phillip K Dick) and favourite actors (Harrison Ford)

    2) Serenity. Nuff said.

    3) Les Pact des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf). AWESOME 18th century combat scenes, amazing firearms detail and...well...it's just badass!! (Warning: If you don't speak French it's going to be confusing as hell since the translation blows and I won't even get into the dubbing part...)
  5. I think my favorite newer movie is a tie between Boondock saints and Lord of war. as far as older movies you just cant beat john wayne u have to love the duke!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. elguapo

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    Thin Red Line.....

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    any of the WW2 movies [mostly the older ones]
    and give me a good western John Wayne or Tom Selleck
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    "Replicants are like any other machine: They are either a benifit or a Hazard......If they are a benefit, then its not my problem"
  9. good movie wanna buy his sniper rifle from me? works great!
  10. Thayldt21

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    Didn't we just go over this a fw weeks ago.

    Falling down with Micheal Douglas. Best movie ever.

    The Hudson Hawk. All time favorite..
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    boondock saints or transformers here.

  12. steyraug223

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    lord of war, pulp fiction, and red dawn enough said.
  13. vallen

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    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
    Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
    I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.
    All those moments will be lost in time....
    ......Like tears in rain. Time to die"
    Roy Batty
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    " Quite an experience, to live in fear, isnt it? Thats what it is, to be a slave..."
  15. z71silverado98

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    Movies I could watch all day everyday over and over:

    Full Metal Jacket
    Dawn of the Dead (orig and remake but not Land of the dead)
    Kung-Fu Hustle
    Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy
    Fifth Element
    Happy Feet
    Finding Nemo
    Iron Giant
    Spirited Away
    Starship Troopers

    sure theres more but those are usually spinning away in my DVD while Im on the Computer or Cleaning guns.
  16. The list is too long to type out..... War movies, some comedy, some drama but precious few of those.
  17. billybybose

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    Enter the freakin dragon baby!!!!
  18. The Big Red One, and the Longest Day, most any WWII movies
  19. Thayldt21

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    Just read My sig line.

    Cool hand luke.