Favorite "shoot'em up" movie?

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  1. I just finished watching Shooter again and began to wonder what everyone else's favorite gun flick. Shooter may not be my all time favorite but it is on par to be in the top 5-10 for sure.

    How about everyone else?
  2. Dude..........Die Hard, the original........

    C'mon, that was easy! :)

  3. Seriously I think the Die Hard series (haven't seen the most recent yet) would almost all rank in the top 5 for me. But like songs it's hard to have one all time fav forever. Moods and surroundings being what they are sometimes things have to change. Plus, we might forget some by accident too! :lol:
  4. Shoot em up.

    While not a good movie great gun fighting!!!! I like to say it is the best stupid film i have seen lol..

    Shooter, Young guns both great movies. Die Hard was good as well.
  5. I'll go with Die Hard series as well. Its a guy movie full of guns, explosions and generally guy kind of attitude as well.
  6. Isn't this movie at the top of every shooter's list? Come on guys, you know y'all really like this movie!

    But if you really must know, I will watch Young Guns (I and II), Red Dawn, and Tombstone every chance I get. Shoot em ups don't have to be realistic, just fun!
  7. Tombstone! Yes, also in my top 5 or so, lol. I'm starting to think I have more than 5 in my top 5. Shouldn't be a problem though.
  8. Open Range.
    And The Sound of Music
  9. neothespian

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    Snatch. LOVE that film.

    Second..... Equilibrium (With Tae Digs and Christian Bale).
  10. NWdude83

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    *Shoot em up

  11. Kagern

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    Unforgiven (if it counts), Snatch/LockStock
  12. How did I not put Tombstone in there???????

    That is a good one
  13. shoot em up was so damn funny, loved that movie for its stupid/funny aspect...and all the shooting.

    then theres die hard, shooter, and other goodies.
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  15. last man standing (ya i know its a remake.)
  16. Yup, Shoot'em Up is currently my fav....Pointless, aimless, meaningless and plenty of lead downrange!!! C'mon who didn't bust a gut when he had .45 Hydro's in between his fingers? Totally a mans flick! And Clive Owens kicks ass!!! First and only movie you'll see where there's multiple carrot kills...
  17. of course die hard, tombstone, wyatt eurp, good fellas, etc, all kinds of good gun movies, even smokin aces had some bad arse gun fights

    edit: and who can forget boondock saints?