FBI stops processing NICS denials

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    From the article:

    According to FBI operational reports, more than 90,000 background checks resulted in a denial in 2014. In the same year, the agency received 31,125 applications for appeal. Of those, 4,411 were successfully overturned.

    It's only temporary and besides only 14% of the appeals are overturned.
    They have a choice with the lack of manpower: let the regular applications stack up or let the appeals ( with a low overturn rate) stack up.
    I think they made their choice the lesser of the two evils.

  2. Bull

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    So we should have more unappealable background checks...... And by now setting a precedent for no appeals, mandated checks will result in gun control through denial......
  3. SWAGA

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    Out of 90,000 denials only 30% appeal and only 4000 get reversed.
    So out of the original denials only 5% get reversed.
    Like I said, they picked the lesser of two evils considering their lack of manpower.
    They're not stopping entirely, just prioritizing temporarily.
    Don't turn it into something it isn't lol.
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    They are basically saying "We can't afford to protect and defend the Condtitution, so we're not going to." The government are the bastards that created this monster they now say they can't afford to properly control. And you are one that says we should have more of it, much much more of it. After all its for our own good, right?

    Smells like a possible good test for a SCOTUS case, if the NRA can find a case and can muster the balls to pursue it. If the government cant , by its own admission, faithfully execute the law and rights are violated as a result, can the law be Constitutional?
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    NE Utah
    Wonder if it's a case of bad stats, and bad interpretation of stats?

    Those that don't bother to appeal...are they just going down the street to another place, and this time it goes through? Or sending in a wife or brother to buy it in a "straw sale by necessity"? Or are they actually bad guys that say, well, no gun for me, I guess.

    Rather than decide to quit worrying about the denials, isn't the correct course of action to pursue those denials? Are they felons or what? I mean, they were trying to buy a gun, but were denied? Why were they denied? Is there a crime here? Surely THOSE are the cases that should be looked at?

    The thing is, it's asinine to do it like they do. There's no freaking reason they can't automate this system, and free up manpower. There's already a list, a data base...why pay a guy to answer phones, read the list, and say yes or no? A computer program can do it cheaper, faster, more efficiently...and is no more likely to be corrupted than your typical FBI or NICS person.:cool:
  6. Bull

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    Cheaper, faster, better...... Three adjectives never assigned to government programs...
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    Here in PA we have a state system called the pics pennsylvania instant check system. it is automated unless it is sent for further agent review. I have also heard over the phone line that each dealer has an account and that it charges them $2 for the service. Its usually tacked onto the price of the firearm at the time of purchase and is usually $5 instead of the actual $2 they were charged. The same system is used for the transfer of handguns from one person to another with a substantially larger ffl fee being charged by the ffl.

    This seems like a much better self sustaining system than the nics system which being a pa resident I've never even had to experience. I suspect at $5 a check the nics system could easily be self funded.
  8. Kiln

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    Except the government would choose to reappropriate and subsequently piss away the revenue from such a system.
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    didn't say it was a good plan just what I'd like to see.
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    PA isn't the only state that does their own.

    In fact, even though the non-green (non or partial NICS) states on the map are the minority, the state's did MORE checks than the FBI NICS system, every year since it started.

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  11. There is no proof that the system prevents violent crime. Is that after all why the system is there? Or is it to screw with people who wish to buy guns.

    This is my biggest problem with this libtard progressive stupidity, it does not work, not one bit. What it does do is cost US the taxpayer money, and aggravation.

    My plan has always been put criminals behind bars and keep them there until they pay their dept, and are safe to release. This BS of early release, and short sentences to turn around and spend billions with gun laws to put them back, only to release them early.

    Progressive liberals are stupid.
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    Get a ccw and not worry about it.;-)
  13. They have to pass a check in most states to get one. A lot depends on whether the issuing government body uses local/state data base or FBI data base.

    I doubt the results would vary between NCIC, and NCIS.
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    But once you get one its a simple fill out of the forum and a photo copy of the permit. But the FBI needs to fulfill it obligations to follow the laws and policy.