featureless stock request for Beemiller

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by garyvv, Jul 2, 2016.

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    Please tell me you didn't just admit to committing a crime....
  2. Kydex grip wrap means it is no longer an assault weapon by virtue of the inability of thumb to wrap around the grip. I am curious how it looks though?

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    Thanks for the concern, but keeping things legal here..The kydex grip wrap makes the HP featureless under Kali rules. ( fixed stock, no flash-hider, no forward grip. etc ) HP's are easy to make " featureless ". If featureless, no BB needed.
    Will try to get a photo of the Solar Tac grip wrap with Scott's mag release when I get back into town.
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    Here are a couple of photos of my HP 45 carbine with the Solar Tactical kydex grip wrap ( now Kali featureless ) and Scott's extended replacement mag release replacing the Kali BB. How long will this setup be legal, only Gov. Moonbeam Brown and Atty. Gen. Kameltoe Harris know for sure.

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  5. Ok so that is just begging for the ATI stock to go onto it . And the Kydex thing could be shaped and fitted to totally fill in the "thumbhole" hole... edit; for the 995ts series that is.
    I notice its for 4595 so there isnt an ATI style stock for the 4095/4595 series...
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    Yes, If you had a 9mm ATI Stock, the featureless fix would be simple. For a 40 / 45, the grip wrap seems to be the best and cheapest fix ( if home-made ) for now. Plus Scott's mag release is a simple drop in. The 9mm extended release needs to be user modified to fit.

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    Thanks for those pics and now know how to make it moonbeam legal
  8. That looks like it's damn uncomfortable to hold! What's it like to shoot with that in place?
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    Shooting with the fin on is not bad. The HP's are heavy to start with, so it's a 2 handed hold anyways. Just have to remember to keep your thumb clear of the ejection port. Middle finger kinda rests on the mag release. Not the best arrangement, but you work with what you got.
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    Nice Work, TORR!

    Keeping the HP on the "legal minimum"!
    General Kameltoe Harris :rofl:

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    We had this issue in NY already for a few years now and I tried making a complaint stock. The broomhandle mauser / Rossi Circuit Judge concept was what I was going for. I had one that worked, except that there was no rear cover to the bolt that made it rather dangerous. Never fired it, but I am sure some company like ATI could make a legit version. In the end I ran the pistol grop through the band saw just below the drop safety bar and added a plexiglass donut on the bottom to help guide the mag. [​IMG]
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    yeah, you could say that LOL!
    I would not fire that!
    The gun won't last too long without a fixed stop for the bolt.
    And your face might not either!
    Be careful dude. .........
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    Thank God I live in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky! Heck, our state constitution forbids any silly laws that restrict our freedoms. So even a Lefty city can't pass a restriction without running afoul of the State.
    Actually Kentucky just voted in a GOP house and Senate, first time in 100 years. Around here we don't like those Liberal types that like to come up with crazy gun rules and such.

    I feel for you poor souls that have to live in Commifornia and such left wing places.
  14. Got a pic to share?
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    "WIP" (work in progress) Got an update? ;)
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    For New Yorkers, where you can't even eject the magazine, fixing the magazine, mounting an offset red dot on the bottom rail, and turning it upside down w/ no floorplate on the mag might do things - you then have a 10 round feed hopper you feed from the top - and no pistol grip, as the hand goes on the strong side of the receiver.
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    I'm in CA and just ordered a featureless grip for my 995TS.

    Solar Tactical grip is $50 and many people have installed it without complaint.

    There are private individuals making them and selling for $25 on ebay. I ordered one. I have not received or installed it, so cannot testify to the quality.