Fed judge tosses Brady suit

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  1. A fed judge, Judge Julie Robinson, ruled that the Brady Campaign doesn't have standing for a suit against the state of Kansas's Second Amendment Protection Act. Commonly this type of law is called state nullification of fed gun laws.

    Although Holder and gang claimed that they'd go to court over this, but may have wanted to wail to see how this one turned out.

    The law passed in Kansas was the 1st, I think, that included 'the 2nd as understood at the time of becoming a state'. That makes it much harder for a court to rule this law as illegal because of being in conflict with any powers the feds may have in this area.


    I also like to check up a little on the judge when I read these things.


    FWIW. The militia records(at least some of them if not all) for Kansas from when it became a state are available online for all to read. Something like 20-30% of the able bodied men there were better armed than a US Army soldier.

    The records also show that private individuals also provided all of the artillery, so the often stated idea that the 2nd only covers small arms is proven invalid by that historical truth.
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    Gotta love living in a state leading the way...

    We will drag MO along kicking and screaming.

    Edit - now if we ever get a firearm manufacturer in KS, this law would mean something!

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    I'm glad to hear this.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    The only parts of MO you'll have to drag, would be KC, STL, and maybe Columbia.... The rest of the state will be behind them pushing!...
    That could very well bring a manufacturer to KS..... To which I would say, fantastic!
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    blue springs ftw!