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  1. Does the Federal Aluminum Case 115 FMJ work OK in a 995?
    I've fired a couple hundred rounds in my 995 so far and the Blazer Brass, and Winchester White Box and Remington UMC 115 grain JHP work fine
    Bought some Federal Brass at Wally World today. It's the same cost as the Winchester White Box at my local Wally.
    The aluminum is a few cents per round cheaper though and was wondering if anyone had experience with it?
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    I've fired a few thousand rounds of the 9 mm and a few hundred of the .45.

    Never has and issues. I think it is dirtier cuz the aluminum um doesn't seal like brass.

    Heard one person report that they had some flame cutting on a pistol boltface around the primer.

    When I use it, I do inspect the boltface after every mag.

  3. osbornk

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    I bought a box of 100 Federal Aluminum 115 gr to try out my new RedBall 20 round mags. I shot a complete mag out of both of them and they work great. I have tried the same ammo in my 3 9mm handguns and they worked fine.
  4. Thanks for the replies
    I appreciate the feedback
    But as far as Wally World ammo it really isn't that much cheaper
    What about the Remington Steel Case?
    I had a chance to really fire the gun today
    300 rounds
    A mix of Blazer Brass, Winchester White Box , and Federal Brass
    All 115 grain FMJ and all ran 100 per cent
    I don't know how important it is me to try to save a few cents per round.
    The thing I'm most happy with us that I ran 3 ten round mags of Remington UMC 115 grain JHP and it ran 100 percent
    To me one of the most important thing is for a gun to run the most available factory ammo
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  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I shot that Winchester "Forged" steel case, it worked fine. Dirty as expected, but fine.

    But I'm with you, I'll happily pay a buck or two more for brass, just to have the brass for reloading later.
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    Winchester Forged steel has worked for me, the first round will usually not feed smoothly in my C9 but works fine after. The 150 packs bought recently have cleaner cases than previous ones. Powder still dirty.
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    Neither my Sub2K nor my 9mm AR pistol will run aluminum case Federal or independence. But they run steel case Wolf just fine. I’ve read on other forums that there are other blowback carbines that don’t like aluminum.

    Now if any carbine could run it, it’d be an HP. But I can find brass cased ammo for the same price as aluminum these days so why take a chance? The last Federal I bought was at Walmart, a 100 pack of brass 9mm and it was exactly the same price as their 100 pack Federal aluminum.

    The Independence is made by IMI, loaded a little warmer than Federal but not as consistent as el cheapo Blazer brass.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    "Dirty" is a misnomer. Aluminum, and steel cases don't expand and seal like brass. So more gas coming through the chamber. The crimp on aluminum doesn't hold the round very well. Always inspect when loading your mags for bullet setback. Federal brass last time I checked at Walmart was cheaper than the aluminum.
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    What Al said ^^^^
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    My 995TS has eaten everything I've fed it........(which has been mostly Monarch steel case 115 gr). Monarch is Academy Sports house brand and is manufactured by Bernaul. Having owned and shot Saiga's since they arrived in the states, and with few exceptions, having fed them nothing but steel case Russian ammo, I guess I'm used to "dirty" ammo, but since I clean my weapons after every trip to the range, etc., I don't consider it a problem.....
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    but it’s a dirty Sanchez ………