Federal Judge rules California Waiting Period Unconstitutional

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by planosteve, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Good one!!!
    You've already been approved strike the waiting period.

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    PARDON present company, but is there anything in California besides
    "Fruits & Nuts"?
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    Wow, criminals in California can't buy guns legally so lets do background checks on ammo. Yeah that will work. To everyone in Arizona and Nevada, stock up now because everyone in California will be coming to your state soon to buy ammo.
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    You know, I hate waiting periods, but I don't know if I like this court ruling. Waiting periods are silly and unnecessary, but I wouldn't consider them more burdensome than, say, having to get a permit for a handgun.
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    NE Utah
    Having to get the permit is already too burdensome. I'm an American with no criminal past, that's all it should take.

    Both the waiting period and the requirements for permits should be unconstitutional.
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    I'm sorry to all who have to go through any kind of waiting period. I can't imagine buying my gun and not leaving with it that same day.
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    I am so glad that I left that horrible place 23 years ago!

    Missouri is a much better place to live. The majority of our State's laws seem sensible as well
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    The thing about this supposed win is it's really not. The idea is good but we still don't control the rules, they do. As it sits now the California DOJ is who runs the background check and how long does it take for them to do that? Well now they ca take as long as they want, so 10 days can be up to 15 or more. Also they (some A2 sites etc) have been saying that people with a license ( is it a CCW or a handgun permit or hunting , which one no one is clear on) and a background check will be able to purchase without 10 day so how is this a win?
    I don't mean to be negative I'm just realistic and I know how the govt. In this state works. It feels like they gave this win for ulterior motives.
    It's kind of like when I lived in Arkansas, you used to have to get safety inspections done on your car every other year or whatever. People cheered when that headache and expense was gotten rid of. In the end all that did was give law enforcement a reason to pull you over without a real cause, they just claimed they were do a safety check...
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    Bets on how long it takes them to do something similar to England with their long gun purchases: "You already own a gun in .xx caliber, you don't need another one."

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    They call it the cereal state because it's just fruits, nuts and FLAKES
  14. They don't really do it like that over here. The only thing they require is that you get a separate license for each rifle you want to buy. A shotgun license allows you to have an unlimited number of shotguns and ammo on one license. And it's sort of like a CCW license; if you meet the requirements, they must either issue you the license or have a good cause to deny you which they must put in writing which you can appeal. They can't actually say, "You don't need another one," and deny you, that's illegal.
    And one thing that caught me by surprise; suppressors are widespread, easily obtainable, and legal; almost every rifle over here is sold with a threaded barrel for them. Simply put it's because they want to keep the noise down while hunting and target shooting.

    Don't get me wrong, the laws over here are soooo stupid, but there are plenty of guys here, a neighbor of mine included, with safes full of Mossbergs, Brownings, Weatherbys, and thousands of rounds spanning from .22 to .50 (yup, .50 BMG is legal over here, too). Tasers and pepper spray are banned, but got an APC with a cannon still attached? Go for it.
  15. Thanks for clearing up the fog over UK gun laws. I find people in the UK who don't know them.
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    Scorpian with a Bushmaster would be fun
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    10 day wait doesn't bother me , I've bought all (3) of my firearms this way
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    Exactly. Attitudes like this are what contribute to the problem.

    Waiting periods and having to get a permit are stupid.

    Permits make that which is otherwise lawful, illegal, without the permit.
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    The judge is a loon. He "gave California time to change the law."