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  1. whstevens

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    I have a 995ts, new about a few 100 rounds fired (a little more or less). fmj's feed just fine, JHP's not good at all. need help
  2. Cynical

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    What happens?
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  3. whstevens

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    JAM JAM JAM , will not feed into the chamber
  4. cicpup

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    Break it in with FMJs. After 1,000 or so rounds try the JHP again. Repeat as necessary.
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  5. 2012gt

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  6. thundercroozer

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    What Cic said,, and leave your mags loaded..
  7. whstevens

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    Ok Thanks, I'll keep at it, will post results, a 1000 rounds it may take a while
  8. OldOutlaw

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    It takes a lot of rounds to break any new gun and magazine in.
  9. wrench459

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    My 995ts eats reloads like crazy.
    EGA 124gr jhp's 1400fps
  10. moona11

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    Not really that's just a fun day at the range. Get creative
  11. deathbydanish

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    If you are using the standard 10 round mags expect them to jam with HPs but do great with FMJs. I mean the break in always sounds like a good idea but if you just want to feed HPs now, then I second the recommendation for those Redball mags. I fed 3 different brands of HP (Remington green and white box JHP, Silver Bear, and Barnes TAC-XPD) and they all fed and fired fine with the Redball mags.
  12. Not tryin' to be a contrarian, but my brand new 995TS seemed to feed the Independence 115gr JHP best of all. I think it's because they have a tad of a taper-crimp that reduces the amount of 'lip' between the case mouth and the ogive of the bullet. But that is just conjecture at this point, I have a lot more testing to do.
  13. moona11

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    It all depends on the individual gun and mag.
  14. I wasn't as patient as you seem to be. I had some feed problems out of the gate with my 995ts. I did make some minor magazine adjustments.
    Folks on here kept saying, dont worry until you get through the break in period.
    Somewhere around 200 rounds she matured & stopped acting up. My last 6 range visits have been fun fun fun. Not 1 misfeed. All good. Hang in there. They are great carbines.
  15. buckeye49

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    I have a new 995ts (11-1-17) and it shoots great using my Red Ball Sports 20 round magazine, both 115 grain HP and 115 grain FMJ RN. However, it jams up every time I try to shoot the factory 10-round magazine no matter what kind of ammo I am using (all brass, round nose FMJ), some 115 grain and even tried 124 grain; still double-feeds. Sometimes it jams up on the first round, but other times I might get one or two rounds through it before it starts to double-feed and jam up. I have had no failures to eject though.
  16. vboy36

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    I have only 100 thru mine. Federal 115 gr fmj. 50 rds each range visit and so far I get one miss fee on a HP mag and 1 miss feed on the Red Ball. But like they say I will keep the mags loaded (although I am out of 9mm ammo right now) and keep shootin the 995 to break it in. BTW, i got a new front sight from Hi Point and am consistently hitting the center ring at 20 yards.

    I now have 150 rds thru it . all Fed 115 gr fmj. Today, 50 rds and no misfeeds! Three 10 rd HP mags and one 20 rd Red Ball. Sighted in and fun as hell to shoot. Love this little carbine!
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  17. deathbydanish

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    Ah I see, I've only run the FMJ Independence through mine, I haven't seen any of the JHP version, I'll give them a try if I run across any. Are there any others that are similar in design to Independence's JHP? I don't mind using the Redball mags, but I'd still like to be able to use the standards as well.
  18. 2012gt

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    TNT had success with the cheap Remington hollowpoints from Wally World. I haven’t tried them. The Hornady Critical Duty does good for me in the factory mag.
  19. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    The Remington JHP's run through my 4095 and my buddy's C9 with no issues.
  20. SOOOO since I fixed my guide rod, the carbine runs much better, however, for some reason I cannot get the Independence JHP to load on the first round at all ... it makes no sense at all. I hadn't tried the JHP in about 1000 rounds of firing, I wonder if maybe the "break-in" means the JHP will not longer run. I like this carbine but it's a bit of a moving target in terms of reliability.