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  1. hobo

    hobo Guest

    Made a bulk ammo purchase from , 1k rounds of 9mm Wolf Military Classic and 1k rounds of .40 S&W Wolf Black Box. Recieved immediate order confirmation via e-mail and prompt shipping information including tracking number, also via e-mail.

    Their prices were the cheapest I had found at the time, however since placing the order I have found that I could have gotten the same thing from a different supplier for about 11 dollars less.

    The order was recieved in four days from NJ to SC. It was packaged very securely and the 50 count boxes were still in the original plastic and clean with no damage.

    I give this transaction with a 10 for customer service and a 9 for price.
  2. biganimal

    biganimal Guest

    I too have had great transactions with them. Who had the cheaper price and was that with S&H ?

  3. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    havent bought from ammoman for some time. Prices are generally a bit above average but the service makes up for it.

  4. s0b3

    s0b3 Member

    be careful when buying guns from him. he has been banned at for selling a sks as a bringback when it wasn't. when called out on it, he offered $100 credit when it sold for $375. he refused to make it right and lost a lot of customers. i think he was also advertising ww2 german pistols as new but they turned out to be refurbished.
  5. hobo

    hobo Guest

    Let's not use a feedback thread for second, third and forth hand information. If you've had personal and direct experience with the company or individual, let's hear it. Otherwise it's a he said/she said situation from another place and time and doesn't belong here.
  6. s0b3 are there any links from that you can post for those of us that wish to read them? Thanks!
  7. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    I think it's fair play. If someone knows something about the guy, that others don't then it's only right that he should share it. He didn't say "don't buy from the guy". He said "be careful". If the guy's reputation is less than stellar, I'd rather find out here, than at the other side of a bad deal...
  8. biganimal

    biganimal Guest

  9. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    But HEARSAY is not permitted... Only factual, cases which can be proven should be used.

    Examples of hearsay:
    "My friend's brother saw a man shooting a Hi-Point at the range and the slide blew off on the 2nd round and killed a school bus full of handicapped children."
    "I heard Georgia Arms (re manufactured ammo company) actually sells other company's re-checks and non-conforming rounds."

    If it's hearsay on, then keep it away, but if the original poster on had an issue, a legit issue, then it should be told here.
  10. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    Not allowed, according to whom?

    Reputation speaks a lot... People ask all the time about certain companies, because they want to know the low-down.

    If they wanted "first-hand" knowledge, they could just buy from them, and find out for themselves.

    Anything you read on a forum is "Hearsay". End of story.
  12. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Evidently my friend Uraijit, you have never been a victim of hearsay.

    Trust me, there's no worse feeling than knowing you have done right by everyone you have ever dealt with, and someone with a rumor(aka hearsay) comes along and throws mud all over your good name.


    But It's not a rule, It's the right thing to do. It's not a law, say what you want, but make sure you can back it up. please.
  13. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    Hearsay starts somewhere. So whether it's a first or second-hand account, if it's untrue, it's untrue. Negative feedback tends to be a little more reliable than positive feedback, because positive feedback could be just a shill, or it could just mean that the company didn't screw THAT particular person. If someone has a reputation for screwing people, it's probably a pretty safe bet that they haven't "done right by everyone they've ever dealt with".

    The poster stated two specific things that this seller has done that weren't right. I'm doubting that he just made them up off the top of his head.

    Like I said, EVERYTHING you read on a forum is "hearsay". I'm all for people posting links to back up what they're saying, but you're implying that someone is breaking forum rules by repeating something the learned from another forum, without being screwed first-hand. That's simply not the case.
  14. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    I'm not implying that GOSSIP (aka hearsay) is breaking the forum rules. However, it's a MAN's rule to not throw mud (negative statements in general) on something if you can't back it up with facts. End of story.
  15. Reputation does go along way, however, let's not let it get out of hand. If there is proof of any wrong doing, then by all means share it. If not, you can mention that it's been said, and let that count as a friendly reminder/warning when dealing with that company.
  16. Postal4U

    Postal4U Member

    I would be kinda leary in the first place if anyone said they had NEW, ww2 weapons to sell. Unless of course they were found in the same bags of new, old gold coins at the US MINT. *wink wink*
    So NEW, probably was a relative statement. IMO :eek:
    However I just bought some ammo from, and with some small problems of email getting thru with DL and age letter, I had no more problems with the transaction than with any other on line purchases. :)
  17. s0b3

    s0b3 Member

    the theads on have been archived since it was 2006 when it happened i believe. here's a thread on xdtalk:

    here's a thead on THR:

    A thead on TFL:

    there's plenty of other good reputable ammo dealers online. i've personally bought from these guys who have great prices (better than ammoman at times and i buy a lot of ammo every month) wideners, aimsurplus, natchezz, outdoormarksman, midway...
  18. hobo

    hobo Guest

    It's kinda funny, isn't it? A week ago I started a thread proposing a feedback forum so we could tell out stories both good and bad about business transactions we've had;

    At that time, there were only two people who thought it was important or interesting enough to even acknowledge the thread and get involved. Now that I took it upon myself to create a thread doing just that for one vendor, everyone is an expert on how it should be handled. My thinking is if that you didn't have an opinion then, that your opinion really shouldn't count for diddly squat now. But then world is filled with Monday morning quarter backs and after the fact experts. Why shouldn’t this forum be as well?

    But wait! It gets better.

    We have an individual here those chose to dirty up a thread by adding his two cents about what he read on another forum. Second, third and forth hand information. Now I want everyone who reads this post to sit back and ask yourself this question and answer it. Honestly.

    If the information that he threw out there with no substantiation until it was requested was so important and critical to this forum’s membership, and he’s been a member of this forum since 10/07, why wasn’t it important enough to post until this thread?

    I think we all know the answer. Some of us just don’t want to say it. Because it was a chance to sling mud, not because it was useful information.

    Three people in this thread have had direct experience with this vendor, and all seemed pleased. That’s not to say that everyone who has dealt with them is happy. But if you don’t have direct experience, then you should really use the opportunity to STFU. Hell, I was directed to Ammoman by a member of this forum in a thread on this forum, but nobody spoke up and said to stay away then. Nope. This is just someone with an agenda. Dirty politics. Just like the Dems are doing right now with Hillary and Obama.

    I’m quite sure I stepped on some toes with this post. Good. It’ll probably be deleted or at least edited. Fine, even though I always thought that the Second Amendment that is so important for us to defend was preceded by the First Amendment. Who knows, I might even get banned for insubordination. After all, you wouldn't want honest talk on a gun forum. So be it. If that happens, it's better for me anyway. I don't need to belong to an organization that prohibits free speech. But I digress.

    And everyone have a great day.

    P.S. You know that person I was talking about that dirtied up the thread? A quick internet search shows that he fancies himself as an occasional seller of gun stuff. Maybe he's lost some sales to Ammoman. Maybe not. But there's no safer way to sabotage someone else's business and improve yours than to do it anonymously on the internet. And that secondhand opinion should carry as much weight as the ones posted above.
  19. Moved To Links To Other Sites. This will be where all future feedbacks can go. Thanks.
  20. s0b3

    s0b3 Member

    yep you guessed it. i am an ammo dealer who has lost sales to ammoman. that's why i posted you links to reputable ammo dealers i have personally had positive first hand experience with.

    what does my buying and selling on other forums have to do with this thread? check my feedback on +102, falfiles +35. i make no secret that i buy and sell stuff. i've sold ar15 mags here to some forum members. what have you done? how have you helped the community?

    i posted many threads from many active forums. you just can't deal with the fact that you bought from someone with a less than stellar reputation. you posted your positive experience, i posted he has a less than stellar reputation. why the personal attacks on me? do you work for ammoman? you accuse me of a lot of things, how do i know you don't work for ammoman? it's funny that i posted multiple sources of his reputation and you still write it off. all these people must be making up his poor business practices.

    if you have a problem with me, pm or email me. i'm sure we can work it out like big boys. i don't know you or have ever dealt with you. i have no skin in the game but to help warn others.

    i didn't have anything to say in the other forums when ammoman came up b/c i don't frequent them. i am in handguns/carbines/other brand/gallery/marketplace.

    and it's only 10/07 due to the board switch, were you around back then? (actually saw you just joined in march). welcome aboard.

    have a great day yourself. :lol:
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