Feedback: Hornaday 7.62 x 54R 175 gr BTHP

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Zone' started by mrgreen, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. mrgreen

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    I picked up two boxes that have the steel case hoping if i wanted to shoot a deaar or Coyote it will be a good round. I am wondering if anybody has used the silver tip surplus than this stuff and how much that moves the POI?

    I hope to reload at some point but for now i was looking for non/corrosive to use not target shooting
  2. Hipointer

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    I have quite a bit of Brown Bear, 174 grain FMJ ammo that my Mosins seem to really like. They also like the 148 grain "silver tip" ComBloc ammo too, but that stuff is corrosive so make sure you use a water base solvent to clean it good first, then finish up with you probably already know.

    I have not had the chance to get any of the Hornady steel cased ammo yet, but I do know that the 180 grain Winchester brass cased ammo does not shoot for crap out of any of my Mosins. Strange.

  3. Joshua M. Smith

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    That 174 grain should be a match bullet.


    That's 60 yards, but without my glasses.

    Now, that stuff is not hunting ammo. The hollowpoint is there solely for balance. Generally, these things come apart fast and don't penetrate enough.

    The SST is almost as accurate as the Match and has "killer" terminal ballistics.