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    Tony's is my FLGS. They have a fairly extensive selection of firearms and LEO equipment. Their prices are fair, but not the cheapest you'll ever come across but that'll be made up for in the way they take care of you. The best thing is their customer service. Tony and Gary are incredibly knowledgeable and thankfully patient with a gun newb like me. I'd have to rate them 10+++ for customer service, 9 for selection and 7 for price.

    Tony's makes comparing guns and deciding what you need easy and even fun. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you're ever in central South Carolina, this is a must stop at place.
  2. Moved To Links To Other Sites. This will be where all future feedbacks can go. Thanks.

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    Um, okay. But what about this thread?

    It didn't seem to move, and it's been it what is apparently the wrong place for over six months. It does say "feedback" right in the title after all. Or is that because it's a feedback thread started by the forum admin? Also, what about feedbacks on vendors that don't have a website? Would "Links to Other Websites" still be the appropriate location? How very confusing.

    Web forums work so much better when everyone knows the rules and those rules apply equally to everyone.

    Have a nice day.
  4. No, that's a feedback of P2P transactions from deals made in the Trading Zone. That Feedback is similar to feedback on Ebay, as to the trustworthyness of our fellow HPFF members.

    If you are giving feed back on a website where you have done business, it goes here in the Links to Other Websites forum. Thanks.
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    Good job, but you only answered half of the post.

    Apparently I should have simplified the wording to say "what about places that don't sell online"? Not everyone does transactions P2P on this forum or with online entities only... Like the subject of this thread. I bet everyone on this board has a FLGS, and you never know when you might be in the area and need something. Any chance that you might go TDY to Shaw? If so, they're two miles from the main gate, but you can't buy a bullet online.

    This is not the right place for a thread like this. Sorry for trying to shine a light on the big picture.

    Have a great day.
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    This forum will still do just fine for that as well.
  7. Honestly, for those vendors that don't have websites, either forum would be fine to post a feedback. I would prefer that they go here in Links to Other Websites, in the interest of not congesting the Trading Zones. Most of the membership use the Trading Zone, so topics seem to dissappear rather quickly in that Forum. This forum doesn't seem to get the same amount of traffic, so this is a better place for those types of feedback, and the threads will stay visible for longer periods of time.

    Thanks for the question hobo, I hope this helps.
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