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  1. You guys know the rules already, if not, we'll work on getting them posted again.
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    He purchased my laser and compensator, and was very expedient with sending the funds to me! Also sounds like he has some interesting plans for the assy. :)

  3. Ridge is good to go!

    He had good photos of his items, was in contact with me all the way.
    Now I am a happy owner of Compensator and a laser.
    Could not get any better than that.
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    Man of his word, products were as advertised. Deal with confidence with him.
  5. elguapo

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    Dave, at Very good guy to deal with, even going out of his way to help me out on my project. Dave, got the stuff this wednesday! I still am looking at that BUIS you have for expect some more bidness from me! :)
  6. Stonebridge & Milehile FTF Transaction

    Wrapped up the sale of a 995 with Milehile yesterday. He really went the extra mile(s) to see the transaction through. Had some headaches on my end but he made it work anyway. Excellent communication and a really great guy to meet and chat with.

    Thanks Chris!

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    Got the bi-pod. Very nice!!!!!!

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    Re: Stonebridge & Milehile FTF Transaction

    Thanks man. It was a pleasure. You were pretty cool to talk to yourself. Have you gotten any add-ons for it yet?
  9. Looks like we'll need to retrieve the rules or I'll have to re-type them again. This is for TRANSACTIONS only. If you bought something or sold something then it qualifies. If you did a trade, then yes it qualifies. Things given or received do not. The point of this is to make it known that a particular member paid on time or shipped on time. State what you have to say about a particular member then move on. This must be a efficient thread with no BSing in it.
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    You can delete my post

  11. Shaner, got the item quickly and well packed (mossberg 500 pistol grip and screw stuff).

    Very pleased.
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    A+ ibreevesii

    +1 for lbreevesii on a trade for some strippers.
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    Oh yeah, +1 and A+ for krnel on the shroud from pay it forward

    I consider the pay it forward a trade since you have to offer something to receive something (i.e. trades qualify), shipping was fast.
  16. +1 for panoz77. Got fletchetes and tubes.
  17. I just wanted to do a little bragging on Benny249 and his site: .
    I purchased some items from him this past week and he went well out of his way to help me. Great guy and great service.
    Thanks again man!
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