FEG PA-63 9x19...opinions?

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    Saw one of these at J and G, and the price was $99. I'm told that it's picky with ammo (No hollowpoints, only FMJ and the kick is "moderate" for 9mm, as told by the dealer).

    All I know is that it's a Walther clone used by the Hungarian police forces, and it's a pretty cheap price. Fits like a Walther, which I love, but any news on this in the way of performance, reliability and availability of ammo?? I like the unique Eastern Bloc look, but leery of unknown makes no matter how much the dealer has them on discount.

    It was either this, a MN pistol with the .32 modification, or a lower grade SKS. I opted to hold off until I got all info.

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    I have one. Got it at J&G, looks brand new.
    Very stiff trigger and a handful of recoil.
    I put some wolf springs in it and tamed it down nicely.
    Got my springs here: http://www.makarov.com/cart/vitempa63.htm
    also, don't go above the 95 grain bullet weight or you may damage your firearm.
    Here are the reviews from other owners.

  3. It's 9x18 Makarov, not 9x19.

    I had one and like unclerob says, get the spring kit. Somehow I brook the trigger bar on mine. It turned out to be a $29 part from e-gunparts.
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    All i know is that the PA63 from Bulgaria are going for $150 on average... I was looking at a Russian PM IJ-70-18A, made by IMEZ and they wanted $145... and it had bluing missing from the slide, wasn't pretty, and was dirty (from a police auction) You can not go wrong with that firearm for $99 IF you have a steady source for the 9x18 (9mm Makarov) ammunition... Here's my $.05, Keep the change.
  5. I bought 2 last December, and my son bought 1. I wrote about it here:


    including pictures of it taken down.

    The pistol is a copy of the Walther PP in 9X18 Makarov caliber. Of the 3, two feed the Silver Bear Hollow Points just find with minimal polishing. The third needed a lot of polishing and it feeds ok now. Magazines make a difference with this one. I have 3 mags that feed HP fine, and one needed quite a bit of tweaking to do so.

    You should have bought it--I'm pretty pleased with mine. :wink:
  6. Personally I'd spend a few bucks more and get a pistol in 9x18 from the CZ line, but that's just me.
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    My error on the caliber. Like I said I don't know much about the Makarovs, but the fact that this has alot of the lines of the Walther really attracted me to it, and it's small for a 9mm, which is very nice! I can see where someone with larger hands would hate this thing, but since I am a small guy this fits out perfect!

    From what I've read, this might be a good buy! They have plenty and the sales dude at J and G said they're not going anywhere anytime soon. It seems all the rednecks in Arizona are clamoring for 1911 clones, and the Eastern Bloc pistols have received a bit of a cold reception in their brick and mortar shop :? I looked at the CZ, but it just didn't *feel* right in my hand. The controls were just a hair out of wack no matter where I put my fingers. The FEG felt good, even with the "oversized" thumb rest.

    Well, it's a toss up between this or an SKS. Was going to save up for an AK, but at the moment the price is better and it's still a 7.62x39. With a 20 round fixed in it and perhaps a side folder stock it will fit my defence needs perfect if I ever do need the services of it. That, and I like the longer barrel. With the cheapie AK's going for $350 to $400 and some of the comments of a lack of fit and finish, I know the SKS is going to surpass some of the Romanian builds from what I've seen in the shop.
  8. had one for about 6 months, great little gun very concealable and pretty accurate. very sharp recoil. I paid $160 for mine. just sold it 2 weeks ago to fund my ar build
  9. Had one until recently. Loved it for accuracy. Loved it for concealability. The web of my hand (which absorbed the significant recoil) hated it however. Also, it would jam on hollowpoints, but if you feed it some generally round nosed hollowpoints it would do okay. I ordered by ammo from J&G.

    It's worth the money, tho.
  10. We desperately need a J&G or similar in Georgia. Current production firearm prices are generally good, Hi-Points included, but I have yet to find a good outlet for milsurp stuff. A Makarov is fairly near the top of my to-buy list (probably right after an MN), but I can't find them for less than $189 or so. Same situation on MNs - $125 on up.
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    I was never overly fond of 9x18mm. ive shot a few maks and on PA-63 ive worked on for people, and while they were OK guns, they're nothing id write home about. Im with \the poster that said save a littel extra and buy a CZ. That said its you money, buy what you want.

  12. duker_sponk

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    I'll probably get one because the price at J&G is good.
  13. IF I had a choice between the PA-63 and CZ-82 (both in 9x18Mak) I would take the CZ-82 because its a much better pistol out of the box and easier on the hand.

    The only complaint about the PA-63 is it has a very heavy double action trigger pull and being so light it makes range sessions a bit painful. Both can be cured though. Wolf Gun Springs (http://www.gunsprings.com) offers a set of trigger springs that will drastically reduce the horrible DA trigger pull, and an increased power recoil spring will help reduce felt recoil. You can also install a slip on grip sleeve to further reduce the sharp wrap to the web of the hand and then the PA-63 is a delight to carry and shoot.

    The 9x18Mak round falls between the .380acp (9x17) and the 9mm Luger (9x19). The Russian ammo is closer to the 9 Luger in terms of velocity than US and S&B ammo. Winchester 9x18Mak ammo is produced by S&B and sold under the Winchester brand name, so when you buy brass cased S&B you are getting the same ammo as if you were buying Winchester.

    I have a 1974 Bulgarian Makarov in 9x18 and my preferred range ammo is Winchester, S&B or Federal, carry ammo is Hornady 95gr XTP. I can purchase any of these brands from several local shops and they always have it instock. Even in my steel frame Bulgarian Mak the Russian ammo from Wolf and Barnaul get painful after 30-50 rounds, but when shooting the Winchester, S&B or Hornady ammo I can go 100-150 rounds and never have pain in the web of my hand.
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    I love mine, I did a bit of work though, If you go to Makarov.com you can get a heavy recoil spring that tames the recoil, and a lower power main spring that reduces the trigger pull. Then I sanded the sear a bit and put new grips on it. These are the grips http://www.marschalgrips.com/?content=FEG-models&picture=pa63-redwalnut-chek. They also got rid of that thumb rest which digs into your side if you wear it ITWB. here is the final result.

  15. how low of a power main spring would you recommend?
  16. Ari

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    This is from the wolf spring page

    "These are two very hard questions to answer in exact terms and in most cases an exact answer is not possible. There are many factors which influence the correct weight recoil spring to use. These factors include the particular ammunition brand and load, individual pistol characteristics, individual shooting styles and your individual, subjective feeling of how the gun shoots and should feel. In general terms, the heaviest recoil spring that will allow the pistol to function reliably is the best choice - tempered by the above factors. If your casings are hitting the ground in the 3 to 6 foot range, then the recoil spring is approximately correct. If you are ejecting beyond the 6-8 foot range, then a heavier recoil spring is generally required. If your casings are ejecting less than 3 feet a lighter recoil spring may be needed to assure proper functioning. Taking these factors into consideration, it then comes down to how the gun feels and performs when shooting - in your judgment. Using too light a recoil spring can result in damage to the pistol and possible injury to you.

  17. thanks Ari, but i was wondering about the power main spring/hammer spring. for the reduce trigger pull
  18. Ari

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    Ah ha I read that wrong sorry :oops:
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    Thanks for all the input guys! Every review of this pistol, except for the recoil which many don't like, is very favorable and everyone seems to dig them. We're headed back down south to buy her Ikea dresser, and a detour to J and G is in the plans. And, since my SKS vs. AK debate still rages I'm going to pick one of these up instead.

    Not that I NEED another 9mm, but you gotta admit that it's got that sexy Eastern Bloc charm (Yes, some of us find Eastern European clones sexy) and fits my hand great.

    Thanks guys!
  20. Good luck with it NEO. I bet you'll like it.