feg pa63 vs. cz52

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  1. rodka

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    does anyone have any experience with either of these pistols they are both cheap and so is there ammo they both are about equal in pros and cons so i need some actual experience.
    oh and does the pa63 have a slide release?
  2. Sakdog

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    Whoa! Buy em both! I have 2 Cz-52s and One Pa-63 Both are awesome guns. The Cz-52 is killer for its .30 tokarev round that performs like a .30 carbine. Its not too hard to hit things at 100+ yards with little bullet drop with the CZ-52... One thing the CZ-52 does not have is ergonomics.. IMHO the thing is like holding a 2x4 but other than that. and the fact that you have to take extra cleaning precautions because most of the ammo out there is corrosive... its a great piece.
    You gotta figure that the gun itself usually can be had for under $150 each and the ammo from J&G is 79.99 per 800 rounds. (Also note you can convert this gun to shoot 9mm Luger with a drop in barrel)
    As far as the FEG PA-63 was ($99) at J&G its a good little ergonomic gun... that bugger has a real bark and bite kick. Mine is very accurate, and the DA trigger pull is like a tractor pull.... VERY heavy pull... However its a blast to shoot and very concealable.. (If you have bigger hands you might want to wear shooter gloves or just mind your hand grip as the slide can chomp your hand) The 9x18 is a little bit more expensive ammowise and I've heard that you need to keep the bullet weight under 105 gr to keep the frame happy...
    the slide release is the same as hi point or the cz-52..

    One of my Cz-52s has something kind of wrong but in a good way because when you slam a new mag down and palm slap it in..the slide will automatically release

  3. rodka

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    so neither of them have a slide release that sucks
  4. Sakdog

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    the CZ-52 can be made to have a slide release.. They have a kit to make it an external slide release. But otherwise yes it is like the slide release that the hi point has.
  5. The CZ52 is made like a tank, shoots a very powerful bullet for the size, and will last forever keeping in mind to get a couple of extra firing pins.

    I would depend on mine in any situation

    Personally, I like the way it fits in my hand.

    The other pistol I have no experience with.
  6. Ari

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    Out of the two I have the CZ52. I like this gun and it is a kick to shoot. The design is pretty cool. The roller cam is something I would like to see more of. I do like the feeling of the 1911 more. But the CZ52 has some cool history. This photo has one of the coolest looking guns of all time... I would like to have one done up like this

  7. rodka

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    thanks everyone i was kind of leaning toward the cz52 anyway cause its full size and im really getting tired of all this ultra compact stuff.

    ive heard that the firing pins suck and to replace them with the steel ones does this elimanate the problem or do they only last longer than the previous ones?

    ive also heard that the magazine have feeding problems when you put the 9mm barrel in is this true?
  8. I fired the 52 years ago, don't remember much about that. I looked at both of them at J&G back in June before the price drop. Neither one is real impressive but both are ok for what they are. The 63 felt better in the hand and seemed to have superior balance. That's all subjective. You know the difference in ballistics and that didn't seem important enough to make up your mind. So:

    I'll agree with Sakdog, buy both because they are cheap enough you'll never regret it.
  9. I have a CZ52 as well and it is just plain neat and cool. You gotta get one.
  10. CZ52's are awesome!!!!! Local gun show I went to yesterday had a grand total of ONE CZ52 that I saw and a fellow was in the process of buying it when I walked up to the table.

    As for the FEG PA63... nice looking gun, great CC piece but the DA trigger is nothing short of being terrible. A Wolf spring kit can make it better though provided you have access to a barrel removal press. Recoil with the 9x18Mak round in this aluminum framed gun is pretty snappy and will give you lots of hand pain if you shoot more than a couple mags per outing.
  11. One of the things to keep in mind about the CZ52 is that the round it uses is a very high velocity round and will over penetrate.

    Also, if I am not mistaken, the double roller cam deisgn is copied from a German WW2 machine gun design.
  12. I have the PA-63 and I love mine. It is very accurate, and slide release is very simple to operate. Just pull the trigger guard down then work the slide all the way to the back and it lifts off.

    The PA-63 kicks real hard, but with some softer grips it'd make it a bit easier. I will say with the PA-63, the thing you want to watch for it to make sure you get an ammo that feeds smooth, and you have to keep it clean and feed ramp polished. One feature I do like about the PA-63 is the drop hammer safety.

    I was supposed to have sold mine to make room in my spending money account, but I :wink: just sorta haven't. :wink: :wink: (I don't when I'll ever get around to it. maybe never)

  13. urotu

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    Another CZ-52 owner here to speak up. I oove mine. Scored a hardened Firing pin for about $20, you can get spare forged ones for less, and a set of Harrington hardened rollers, and it's a whole new gun. I've done both these upgrades to mine as well as a set of aftermarket grips and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    I was considering the Makarovs as well as the CZ's and decided to go CZ so I would have a different caliber. The 7.62x25 is a high velocity round with excellent penetration qualities.

    The FEG will have a round comparable to another 9mm round, either Luger or Kurz.

    I was more concerned about mixing up ammo between the x18 and the x17, so I went with the Chec pistol.

    And BTW, I like the way mine fits in my hand, like a real gun.
  14. Surplus 7.62x25 ammo is corrosive, so make sure you do a thorough cleaning when done shooting or you may find yourself with a rusty gun in a short period of time.

    Current production ammo by Wolf and S&B is non corrosive, so standard cleaning will work when shooting one of these brands of ammo.
  15. Out of all the current firearms I have I am most confident that the CZ52 could most likely get passed down to my great great grandchildren and probably their grandchildren and still show no noticeable wear and tear. They are that well built. My brand new Glock 26 may last my lifetime and will be the worse for the wear to show it. My HP995, I could see it doing several thousand rounds and then I would want a new one or a trip back to Hi Point.