Female shooter: HP .45 or 4095? Or buy something new?

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What gun to give her for HD?

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  1. Give her the .45.

  2. Give her the 4095

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  3. Completely max out the credit card and get her a shotgun

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  1. A good friend of mine lives in a neighborhood where recently there have been several sexual assaults. She is considered by everyone I know extremely attractive, lives by herself, and the area around her home isn't exactly well lit. I have her partially convinced to get a firearm for SD/HD... the only thing is until she gets her own I'm not sure what to lend her. For various reasons I've narrowed it down to my Hi-Point .45 pistol, and the 4095 carbine. I think the carbine would be easier for her to shoot (she's never shot a gun before; me taking her to the range will be her first time), as well as aim (the red dot scope is idiot proof). On the other hand, the pistol is definitely easier to maneuver around inside a confined space... right now I'm thinking of the 4095, but I'm open to suggestions.

    P.S. Ideally I'd get her a shotgun, but unfortunately my funds aren't up to that at the moment. I know a handgun isn't really an ideal HD gun, and while better a carbine still isn't as good as a shotgun, but right now I have limited guns and options.

    P.P.S. The reason she isn't buying a firearm herself is she doesn't really see the need... she did agree to possibly let me lend her one though. Thus the dilemma. She's not anti... just not pro either.
  2. Could she handle the recoil of the pistol? If it scared her or hurt her, she would probably shy away from guns if she is not familiar with them.

    The carbine has no recoil so to speak of, so I would vote for it

  3. Kelotravolski

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    NEF puts out a shotgun for $150-180 basically a Remington 870 clone. I would rather have a pistol than a carbine when it comes to HD and a shotgun would be best.
  4. Joe Sixpack

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    if she just needs a HD gun then shotgun is whupass in a can.

    12ga would be perfect but a 16ga would also work or even a 20ga.

    now if she wants something to carry with her and she's new to gun i really gotta suggest a nice snub nose .357.. but use .38's in it then later when she gets better she can throw some .357's in it.

    revolvers are the ultimate in reliable, impossible to limp wrist and simple as sin.

    if cost is truly a issue then i'd suggest going with the c9.

    my first choice would be a shotgun but i'd rather have a handgun then a rifle or a carbine for HD, however a .45 is a big gun to start a newbie out on.
  5. Ari

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    If her heart is not in it she will not use it! Even if you give it to her and show her how to use it once the adrenaline hits her veins she will not remember anything you said. If her heart is not in it the weapon will get use on her instead of her using it on the BG. If she can not take ownership in the idea get her nothing.
  6. Well I figure that aside from camping out in her living room every day and night and installing motion sensors and claymores this is the best I can do. I'm hoping to convert her to shooting... ideally I'd get her a Mossberg 500, a 995, and a Glock 19, but like I said, this is the best I can come up with at the moment. Appreciate the feedback so far, keep it coming!

    (By the way... it's kinda funny but on a side note I named the carbine after her... hopefully she won't ask if I named her lol).
  7. pills

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    An inexperienced shooter does not need a semi auto for a SD/HD weapon. Too many things go wrong. Revolver or shotgun with single shot being my preference.
  8. No semi auto? I Could giver her my Mosin Nagant 91/30 lol.

    edit: Yes, I'm kidding lol.
  9. pills

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    Not a bad idea with the MN. If she misses I am sure the muzzle blast would make someone crap themselves.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I will probably get blasted for this but if she refuses to get a weapon or learn how to use one she is a victem and what ever happens to her she deserves it. I don't want to see it happen but certain people are stupid that way.

    NOW you can all blast away [​IMG]
  11. You can always go the pawn shop route and get a shotgun for a resonable price - the main advantage of the shotgun (as she is a non shooter) would be:

    1. point and click - you don't have to be as accurate as with a handgun due to the shot spread

    2. less chance of collateral damage if a shot does miss - most building materials will slow down or stop a majority of the shot.

    3. Most bad guys will become very cooperative when they hear a pump cycle... :shock:
  12. Eh that whole point and click thing is mostly a myth in my opinion. In a typical home invasion situation you'll take the shot at less than 15 yards, which might give you a 3 inch shot dispersion (at least with the shotties I've used). It helps, but you still need to aim.
  13. I guess Ari hit on my question.Will she use it or have it used on her? Dad always said don't point a gun at someone unless you intend to use it.Will she?
    Better not to have one than have it used on you.
    4095 you are in st Louis arn't you?
  14. That is correct. Tower grove area.
  15. Oldest son wife and daughter live in Warson Wood.
    We got home from there a couple hr's ago.Man thay sure put the whoa on 40, 64 down there.
  16. Yeah that darn exit closure's been messing things up big time. Hit me up next time you're in the area, we can go shoot. Pretty friendly bunch of folks down here.
  17. Ever shoot at the conservation range in Fenton? That is a nice place and a bunch of great guys work it.

    Will do! Should be a good time.
  18. I got a membership at Bullseye; firefighters get the LEO discount so I got hooked up on the price of a year long membership.
  19. i said the .45...once she was used to the gun it would be all downhill...
    nothing else to worry about.
  20. Jarhead1775

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    I said the 4095. Not only will she have a HD Weapon but she will also get to enjoy plinking at the range. The whole object here is to get her involved. Then she will let you buy her what ever you want. My wifes first pistols was a Sig P232. Then I got her a colt cadet. She didn't like it so I got rid of it and got her a Browning Buckmark Camper and a S&W model 17. The Sig she was having trouble with so I sold that and got her a Colt Mustang which she loves and an American Arms EP380. She really started getting into the sport big time. Was always reading my Gun magazines and talking to the old timers at the range. One of the old timers let her shoot his S&W model 41 and she loved it. So I bought that for her birthday this year and sold the buckmark. She gets mad at me when I try to squeeze rounds off with her 41. So now that she has her CCW she wants a Kahr PM9 for her birthday. I am reluctant to get because it is DAO and she shoots best SA. So we will see. Getting them involved is the key and encouraging fun, stress relief is great. She also picks up all my brass. LOL

    Also - Very Important - If she gets involved and likes it. Make sure that when you go on a buying frenzy, to make sure you bring her home one too. As long as she gets one to your three there will not be a argument or fight. You might even get lucky. I walked in the door with my 686pp and M77. I saw the fight coming and I said wait this is for you. I got her a Savage model 64 22lr. She loved it. (I did have to take her out to Dinner that night).