Few new BOB items

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  1. Got a few new items for my BOB this holiday season. Picked up a 14" Gerber axe, and saw on sale at Bass Pro Shops for $25. The multi tool is a Leatherman blast that I have had for a few years, and still is holding up strong ! I also got a Coleman Peak 1 backpacking stove. Can't wait to use this sucker :D


  2. Ari

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    Very nice I like a hatchet. I also like a heavy machete, not much it wont go through

  3. neothespian

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    I would hope that the "Multi-Tool", no matter what manufacture you choose since there are plenty of quality tools, would be the key thing for anyone mindful of their environment. The average knife just doesn't cut it anymore. Sure, you need one, but there's soooo much more that comes in handy.

    My Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool is always on me, and I required all of my stagehands to carry a version of one anytime they're on the clock. It's just a smart little invention :D
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    I have that same axe. Got mine at 10% above cost from a family member who was an employee someplace. That thing cuts like a dream sharp enough to cut with the blade without using it as an axe. I just copped up my Christmas tree with it in 20 min. Split it into firewood as to not waste the lumbar.
  5. I've added a few bob items this season as well.

    Since I replaced my primary winter coat(cheapo ski jacket) with a nice columbia, the old one is now in my bob.

    At wal-mart I also found(1.00 for a pack of like 8) just-add-water "tablet" looking things that expand into a 9.5x9 rayon cloth. They're really durable, biodegradable, and very compact. At this price i'm gonna pick up another pack or two for camping, hiking, bob, hunting, etc.