1. FFL procedure. Okay, how does one go along the lines of getting something that requires an FFL and finding a gun shop that will let something that needs an FFL to be delivered there? How much do shops usually charge as a fee for that? I know it depends on the shop, but how much around do places usually charge?
  2. Going to most likely cost you 25-30$. You have to go to your local dealer FFL first and get a copy of their FFL. You then send a copy of the FFL to whoever it is you are ordering a firearm from. The firearm will be shipped to the address on the dealer FFL. You should go ahead and send a copy of the FFL to all on the online sites you browse just so they have it on file for you. There is a good chance that if you live in a more populous area the online places will already have your local FFL on file. When you do actually purchase a firearm give your FFL dealer a call so they know to expect delivery.

  3. Some places charge a percentage or a flat fee whichever is less/more. E.G. $35 or 10%, whichever is less/ more. The dealer I use charges a flat $20 to receive and fill out papework (Nevada background check is $25 more if needed). Most other dealers cost more around here.

    This page:


    is the GunBroker reference for buyers. Check your area by zip and you'll have a good idea what it costs around you.
  4. Mine is $20 and darn well worth it.
  5. $10 for range members, $30 for non members. Handguns sometimes cost more than longguns.
  6. Pretty much what Adjuster says, except that my guy introduces a wrinkle: he won't give me a copy of his license. Instead, I give him the sendin FFL holder's contact info, and he sends it directly. Works for me: no hassle and postage on my part :)
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    Check out the listings on Gunbroker.com. I found a place that charges a 1 time fee of $25, and then they will transfer all the guns you want in the future.
  8. No way. You've got to be kidding. Where is this place?