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    So as some of you know I am in Central Florida for awhile, with limited trips back home. It makes a few things difficult. Well if you recall I wanted an AR, so I put one on layaway with Buds figuring I could just throw a little at it as needed. So fast forward, I have to be in FL and I decide I wanted to get my AR delivered, but being out of state, is that possible?

    I bought my first gun at a little local gun shop in Apopka called Shoot Straight. Since then, they had grown to several locations in the area and seem to be one of the bigger players in North Orlando for guns. I always used them when I lived there, so I figured I would go ask them about an out of state FFL transfer on a long gun.

    So I drive down to the shop one night, walk in and the new place is beautiful and very professional. S&W logos everywhere (I think they just made a deal with S&W). I tried to get some help, I got blown off. I went to one of the guys who blew me off and he is sitting behind one of the counter furiously polishing the receiver for the phone-you know cleaning in every corner possible. Thats why he could stop to answer my question when he walked by. Cool

    I walk up and ask him if I he had a minute to answer my question. He rolled his eye and said sure. I asked if it were possible to do an out of state long gun transfer, explained my situation and that I am from KS. Now here is the funny part. He said he would be right back. I watched him walk over to a store room and spin around a few times in the store room. He then comes back, opened upa book that was right where he was standing then asked if I were from Missouri. I said no Kansas. His response well it doesn't matter, Fl does reciprocate with KS so they cant do it. Confused, I asked about the policy or long guns as I thought they were supposed to be pretty open.

    Then for some reason I asked about Missouri and why he asked. He said that they dont reciprocate with FL either but there might have been a chance since "while Missouri was not a part of the Confederate States, they were more on the side of the south than Kansas and he thought FL might trade with them even though they are a Northern state, you know kinda like Kentucky."

    I was floored, so I responded you know, KS has less restrictive gun laws than MO. I even let him know MO was so damn liberal they even got them a Democrat for a Governor! I guess KS isnt conservative enough .

    Damn being punished for moving to a state that wasnt a part of the CSA :)
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    Time for a new LGS in your life.

    Maybe a letter to the manager/owner of the old one too.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    Damn redlegger......... Keep your ass on the right side of the masy-dixy, and you won't run into that........... Tell your Floridian history buff that I believe more skirmishes were fought here than any other state.....IIRC.
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    So you found yerself a cracker! I'd definitely be hunting down the manager and have a few werds.
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    My FFL guy here in Florida said pawn shops work differently. I have a pawn shop next door that advertises a $20 FFL fee. They have you fill out the paperwork, but there is no waiting period! Go figure. But that's what I'm told.
  7. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement website http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Content/getdoc/70d071b8-8b18-4f8d-8269-8819c33054f4/FAQs2.aspx states:

    You should not have a problem transferring to a local FFL.
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    "Individual counties, cities and municipalities have the ability to pass laws that add or lengthen the waiting period for any type of firearm"

    Hillsborough county has some BS laws. I'm in Pinellis, a bordering county. The FFL guy I've used follows THEIR laws, Pinellis does not have a waiting period, but he makes me wait. I bought a gun online, waited 5 days for it to get to him, then he made me wait another 3 days. I like the guy, I think he's just covering his butt. I just applied for my CCW, which will fix that problem.
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    Thanks. When I talked to the pawn shop guy about getting my gun, he said he'd call me when it came in, I would just have to fill out the paperwork and get my gun. When I asked him about the 3 day wait, he said "You didn't buy it in Florida, did you?" That's his logic. When I told the other FFL about what he said, that's when he told me pawn shops do whatever they want, they operate differently. Anyway, I don't want no trouble, so I went through the 3 day wait, no big deal.

  10. WTF ?! In 2014 ? I bet I know what that guys favorite scene from 'Deliverance' is. And it AINT the banjo.:eek: I've driven by Apopka a few times before on my way to Crystal River.
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    I'm sure he has a Confederate flag somewhere. Either him or one of his buddies has one mounted on his pickup truck.
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    That's the funny part. He looked like a normal professional in a somewhat upscale gunshop. I mean its not like they had latte machines in the corner, but it definitely is not a whole in the wall filled with the local rednecks.
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    Maybe they all don't look like clowns, although that is all I see.