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  1. just wondering, what's everyone ffl transfer cost. the range/shop i go to, charge $75 or 15% whichever is lower. they sell their firearms in a fair price but i do not know any other ffl dealer around my area. can you guys post your ffl dealer transfer fee along with the city they are in so i can compare the prices. thanks.

    Price: $75 or 15% whichever is lower
    city: Brea, California.
  2. Sniper 995

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    $10 any transfer gunshop 15 miles away
    $20 any transfer gunshop 5 miles away

    PA state

  3. Milwaukee Wisconsin. Badger Outdoor, the range I use, charges 50$
  4. $15 small "home" shop about 25 mins away
    $35-45 any of the other 3 shops within 15 mins

    I'll drive the few extra miles to save that $20...

    Raleigh, NC
  5. Mine is a small rural pawnshop, and I use them because they're the cheapest in the area: $20 for pistols and $25 for long arms.
  6. USarmy11b

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    Why do some of these places charge so much? 50+ bucks for a 30 second nics check and a tiny bit of paperwork.. They are making a killing!

  7. The FFL dealer I use is a machine shop who does the FFL thing on the side. He does not charge to send a FFL to a seller, and charges 20 bucks for an incomming weapon.

    Really reasonable I think

    Go to www.gunbroker.com and they have a search engine that you can use that lists the FFL dealers in your area and how much they charge.

    That is how I found the person I use now.

    The gunshop I was using charged 25 bucks to send a FFL to a seller and then another 25 when the weapon arrived!
  8. Krippp

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    three of the ones i've used or inquired with all charge 15 per transfer no matter the distance or type of firearm(except class 3 of course)
  9. gvachon

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    In town is $30. If I drive like 45 min its $10 for any gun.
  10. I pay $30.00 in Delray Beach Florida.
  11. $20-$25, but some places charge up to $40
  12. !0.00 Try searching for an ffl on auctionarms.com They usually have their fees on there. Maybe you can luck out and find a cheap one like i did. The guy iI use does it to get wholesale prices and as a hobby.
  13. I've never had to use an FFL, but I think there's one around here that charges $15.