FI Model D in .380

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  1. SWAGA

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    So I at my favorite Local Fun Store when my eye catches something shiney on the bottom shelf.
    Never heard of it: FI Model D in .380



    Better condition then the above google pics.
    It has the CPA serial number which stands for.....Colt Pistol (Pony?) Automatic.
    These guns were an attempt my Colt to enter the .380 market in cooperation with Star.

    Allegedly not all info on the Star website is correct:
    Interesting reading here:

    Online prices are all over the place from $295 on up.
    Allegedly less then 600 with the CPA serial number....:eek:

    Pawnshop is asking $229 but I'm sure I could beat them down if I tried.
    Worth picking this up?
    I really like the mini 1911 clones :D but i'm sceered of mags made of unobtanium.
  2. cicpup

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    So you're asking if you should drop $200 on the rare tiny 1911 chambered in .380? Sounds silly don't it? Of course you should buy it. If even just to sell it to me for a profit.

    Star has been bye bye for some time now. Don't know about these but some replacement parts for the Firestar line are officially classified as "Not in this freakin lifetime"

  3. SWAGA

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    I know and issues with extractors and other little bits and pieces of unobtanium.
    Cool little gun but don't know if I want to drop $200 on a paperweight that I may never be able to sell.
  4. MaryB

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    Less than 600 made, how many still in shooting condition? Collectors piece, buy it, oil it, safe queen it! If I was there I would snap it up!
  5. moona11

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    Get SWAGA if you need parts we will find them for you.
  6. Swaga, I've got the Iver Johnson version of this gun. I have no regrets about my purchase. :) I'd say buy it.

    Here's some other info gleaned from the Internet:
    There was an article in the March/April 1977 issue of American Handgunner, entitled "Prize Pocket Pistol. F. I./ García Model-D" written by George C. Nonte. Some excerpts from the article provide an interesting history of this gun: "Firearms International, now a division of García, has long been known for its importation and distribution of top quality firearms.” “For quite a few years now FI has operated a production facility near Washington D.C. that has turned out several different guns; the most recent product being the FI Model D .380 ACP pistol."
    "The history of the FI Model D is intriguing. Back in the early 1960´s, the Spanish company ‘Star’ introduced a very small and light, aluminum framed version of its Model SI locked-breech .380 auto. Designated ‘Model DK ‘ it was sold here by FI as the ‘Starfire’" “It was the smallest locked-breech .380 made at the time and due to the enactment of the Gun Control Act of 1968 it became barred from further importation into the USA."
    A few years afterwards, “Colt displayed sample guns and pictures that appeared to be almost an exact copy of the Star DK/Starfire.” “Colt admitted this gun, designated "Colt Pony", would be manufactured "by someone else in this country for Colt, to Colt specifications”. After two years passed with no Pony deliveries, Colt admitted the Pony project had been unceremoniously dropped.
    Shortly thereafter in 1974, identical guns bearing the name "FI Model D" and the serial prefix "CPA" (for Colt Pony Auto"?) entered the supply chain. Eventually, the gun appeared en FI/García catalogs as the FI Model D."
    "In any event, it now seems obvious that FI Model D was intended to be manufactured by FI for Colt, to be marked and sold as the Colt Pony." As for the gun performance, Mr.Nonte regarded the pistol as "excellent".

    Pics of mine:

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  7. If I saw that pistol my Colt alarm would be screaming! I would have to buy it.
  8. lklawson

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    If you don't buy it, PM me the shop's particulars and I will buy it, even if I have to sell my plasma & blood. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  9. Swaga, if you don't buy it there will be some people on this forum who will question your sanity.

    (Okay, maybe some already do??:rofl: but their ranks will grow. Just sayin. )
  10. SWAGA

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    It would I make a nice combo with a 3895 carbine......

    * ducking for cover *
  11. Okay, I'm officially standing in line right behind Kirk. If you aren't going to grab it, and if Kirk bleeds himself dry, then I want a crack at it. :D
  12. cicpup

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    Long line. How's the weather back there?
  13. Swaga you better go get it...and hope you dont have my "well sh!t its gone" luck.
  14. You know where I hail from, when it comes to guns it's freakin' frigid. :mad:

    Ok, you're right. Technically you got first dibs before Kirk 'n me. BUT you also said you'd buy it from Swaga and he could make a profit. So that would mean Swaga would have to buy the gun, yes? Kirk and I are looking to cut out the middleman and just go the direct route. :rolleyes:

    Of course IF Swaga bought the gun, he'd love it and not sell it at all.
  15. SWAGA

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    Like a true Liberal I've been flip flopping all day.....;)
  16. For $229 I would snatch it up. These are great carry guns, and great shooters. Keep in mind though parts are hard to get so I would not go ten, or twenty thousand rounds.

    I really wish some manufacturer would jump on building Stars, fantastic guns.
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  17. SWAGA

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    OK, here's the deal.
    I've decided not to buy it......kinda.
    Just came back from the fun store where I negotiated a good price for the forum member who called first dibs.
    Forum member has been notified and its up to him now.
    Part of the deal was though that if they don't hear from him by Monday 5pm that I buy it.....:D
    It's in great condition and if all goes well actual pics should, show up here within a week or so.

    * The search continues *
  18. Hermitt

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    Hey, that's cool..... you can use it as a key-fob! :cool:
  19. I should have mentioned doing a FP function test. Use the eraser end of a pencil to test the FP. It should shoot out the end of the barrel.
  20. undeRGRound

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    Whatta DINK! :rofl:


    Sounds like you mean insert the whole pencil, eraser in chamber?