Fianlly get to cut loose with an SKS

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    fianlly got one of mine clean, had it checked out by my gunsmith and was told I was lucky to have a "straight grain stock and chrome lined barrel on a Yugo SKS". decided to fire off a few and took some frustration out on an old basketball, bucket of dirt and some random piece of wood. i do love this gun and can't wait till I order my new tapco fusion stock and mag next thursday
  2. They are sweet rifles and really under rated by a lot of people.

    Nice videos, but the center one wont play for me for some reason.

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    thank you and btw the center one is just a pic
  4. Holy... I also have yugo sks but what I find amazing is that you can shoot right in your driveway :D Sorry, I get excited easily. I live in NY :/
  5. Ahhhhh thats why it wouldnt play. I must of clicked on that thing 20 times ROFLOL
  6. Nice videos!! Nothing like a good shooting SKS.

    Also, as mentioned cool that you can shoot in your driveway. Of course I can shoot in my backyard, but I don't do it often. Don't want the neighbors around getting po'd at me. That last video you did some fast shooting first I thought you may of had some slam fires as fast as it was sounding!!

    Here is a picture of my rifle, it is a Norinco Chinese SKS that I have been working on. Just put a muzzlebrake on it (mainly for looks), but this picture was taken before the brake went on. It is in a Ram-Line non-folding stock, has a 30 rnd cheapo mag (which I have replaced now with a 20 rnd Tapco mag in OD Green), has a 3 picatinny/weaver receiver cover (I have the original receiver cover), tactical flashlight and laser with pressure sensitive switches.


    In this photo I have attached the muzzle brake and have the rifle in a folding synthetic stock. Like I mentioned I have a Ram-Line non-folding stock and this stock which I believe may be an ATI folding stock. I also have the original wood stock, 10 rnd mag, cleaning rod, cleaning kit and a chest ammo pouch.


    I plan on putting my baby into a Tapco T6 OD Green stock (the one without the blade bayonet or the spike bayonet grove, don't plan on putting a bayonet on mine), a few more 20 rnd mags and possibly a bipod.

    I have also done the bolt modification that allows me to install and remove the mag without having to open and lock the bolt back. Was a little worried about doing it, but after looking on the SKS Survivors forum at the pictures and descriptions I went ahead and took the plunge!

    The only thing I wish was different on mine was that I wish it was a paratrooper model instead of the regular SKS. I like the shorter barrel on the paratroopers.

    Again great videos!