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FIE D38 Derringer

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Does anyone have any experience with a FIE D38 Derringer? I had a Davis 22 Mag a while ago, sadly I sold it and then I find out one can convert calibers. Oh well...life and learn.

I hope to rebuild one here soon. It is a beefy little guy. No safety, like the Davis (didn't really notice that before). I was watching a video on disassembly/assembly and video mentioned that one has to be be careful when shutting it because the firing pins might stick out enough to fire a round. I vaguely recall, a recall of some sort for Davis Derringers, not sure if that was the issue or not.
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Well I'm working on a F.I.E. 38D and it will not strike the bottom firing pin when I pull the trigger. I've replaced the hammer. Cam and striker with new spring. Firing pin is in good shape but I just can't get the hammer to hit it. It's like it slips during the pull and slides back to the top again. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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