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Modified a FILBE lid, and mounted to a previous owner-modded Mystery Ranch RATS pack for a client. The RATS pack and a demolished FILBE pack were sent to me by a client for the mod. RATS was missing its original lid and some components, while the FILBE was missing a lot more, but had a complete lid. Took a few hours to surgically disassemble the RATS' lid mounting area in order to mount the FILBE lid, then I added couple darts to the FILBE lid sides (the diagonal seams on the sides) in order to get it to conform to the new pack's shape.
Stock photos of RATS pack from onlinefor "before";
Brown Luggage and bags Khaki Beige Shoulder bag
Brown Luggage and bags Product Bag Khaki

The client's pack as I modified it.
Wood Khaki Comfort Tints and shades Automotive exterior

Front view
Automotive tire Chair Comfort Bag Wood

Side view showing the dart seam and how the lid conform to the RATS pack whose depth has been extended by 2 inches on each of the 3 sides
Glasses Jeans Sunglasses Bag Human body

New carry handle with metal D rings
Brown Product Luggage and bags Grey Bag

Showing the now removable stiffening rod and the edge taping where I added the FILBE lid as best as I could.
Khaki Luggage and bags Backpack Personal protective equipment Outdoor shoe

One of two corner lid strap mount positions;
Automotive lighting Luggage and bags Bag Hood Gas

Other corner strap mount position, lower if client wants to pull the things all the way down. I will be making a couple sets of lashing/accessory straps for the bottom buckles for the client to have increased utility of the extra buckles
Brown Outerwear Sleeve Textile Beige

Close up, I added a center buckle to the FILBE lid to make use of the RATS original single buckle.
I scavenged as much hardware and good zippers out of the FILBE pack as possible before tossing the carcass out, so that I would have spare buckles and pieces for other projects.
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