Final Customization Complete

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  1. Ok here she is, tiger stripe camo and all





    this is the finished product, I personally like it better than just the green, let me know what you guys think again, hopefully the paint on the side of the action will withstand the heat
  2. pills

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    I always like to see folks customizing their weapons as long as it doesnt affect functionality.

  3. That, sir, is awesome. However, surely you don't really think it's complete! The slide's still stock!
  4. I would have made the right side a mirror of the left... aside from that, very nice! Thumbs up :).
  5. Now that is very cool! Well done.
  6. That paintjob is nothing short of awesome. What a job!
  7. Looks good. I like it.
  8. hpman

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  9. Great job let us know how it holds up!!
  10. Looks good!

    I always liked the Vietnam era tiger stripe camo over much better than the woodland camo, the East German "flecter" camo is another cool design.
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    That is SHARP!