Final Salute - Wife sleeps one last night next to fallen Mar

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    Please open the link. May God be with this soldiers Wife and, Gods Speed to this fallen Great American.

    Final Salute - Wife sleeps one last night next to fallen Marine.

    Also, make sure you click on the arrows next to this picture for a photo essay of this whole event, if this doesn't move you to tears, then i don't know what will.

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    and a BIG thank you from alll of us safe at home [​IMG]

  3. That put a knot in my throat.
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    waltham41 wrote:

    Ive viewed it more times then I care to admit, each time I cry.

    I have book arked the site, it is one of those things i think i need to remember from tme to time. It kind of keeps things in prespective.

    God Bless those that service to keep US at home safe.
  5. I for once in my life am speechless. This is very sad, all I can think to say is Thank You for your service and dedication.
  6. Even as a servicemember, that got me all choked up.
  7. I thought it was very fitting that the last night on earth that she got to spend with her husband, she was being watched over by marines.

    As ex army, I make a lot of good natured fun of the marines, but there is one truth, once a marine, always a marine.

    There are scum out there that would sneer at that collection of pics, and to them I say "UP YOURS!!!"
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    It is an old link....but that doesnt lessen the message: A wife wants to spend one last day with her husband.

    Waltham: I agree with you on that: Marines are our keepers in other lands, doing Embassy duty. Having a couple around is a good thing.

    Oh man...
  9. I've watched it a few times myself. I wanted to comment on it a few days ago but couldn't find the words........ Still can't.

    I'll say it again, may God Bless and protect those who stand the wall.
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    I am always proud of being a Marine. But today is definately my proudest day. God bless all the wounded and fallen service members who have protected this Great Nation and made sacrifices so us Americans can live free and safe. Also, I would like to say Thank You to all the other service members who have and currently are serving to protect us.
  11. freedom is precious, the cost is High. lets not forget, so many have given so much for US. God bless all who serve, living and dead
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    i wish the politicians would think of things like this, to most of them i think it's just a number..
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    Read this during a lull at work. Had to take a restroom break to compose myself. My heart goes out to his family. It's certainly a sad tale, but the extremely tragic part is this is not a unique situation.
  14. It took my wife to point it out to me, but a couple of the last pics are about other deceased soldiers.

    I thought the entire series was about the one marine.
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    Your wife is right, there are several families depicted in that photo essay. If you look there are more links within the page for other stories also. It is a very good site.
  16. If that doesn't get you deep down, then you need to check yourself for a heart. Powerful images.
  17. wow. That is a serious tear check.

    Thanks to all that have given the ultimate sacrifice!!!!! Find peace in Fiddler's Green!